Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Peeps!! Its been a long time i didn't publish a new post in my blog!
And here we are, 2013??!!
oh Yeah! we survived from 2012 :) amazing...
Urm what happen to me so far? difficult to explain, such a sophisticated story.
Because i rarely update this blog and the readers missed the highlight!
Gonna update it for 2013 ;)
Supposedly I have to study for my EXAMS!!
However, i used my study week to go back hometown and celebrate Christmas with family.
Wooowh I know I'm taking a risk for that.
So! now here I am... at hostel! gonna push the gear and force myself to READ...
Yes!! I mean READ! 
and i'm ready for a terrible result!
God, bless me!

Hurmm after exams, we have another one month holiday..
BUT! I shouldn't use this holiday to play because
I have to think/prepare for my Final Year Project (FYP)..
Dude, who want to work for it during holiday?
*sigh* But i'll try my best for that!

It was just few hours ago, I was eating/playing/laughing with my family
and now! The most horrible disease = HOMESICK!
urghh! I missed those faces...
God bless the people that I love...

ouch! I've spent hours doin nonsense things! The notes are waiting for me..
#Happy New Year 2013..

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