Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hello everybody..
OK! without further explanation, I'm gonna introduce the amazing product i discovered.
A whitening collagen cream MASK which is KISS Skincare.
It is a product of Thailand, SAFE to use.
I repeat, SAFE..
I'm so choosy, fussy, muzzy (ok, nope!) about skin care product.
So, i will only buy it after doing lots of review and research :)

p/s: Make sure you received a box complete with its seal.
**remember, the cream is in white color!

Lots of people talk about this mask and makes me wonder how great it is.
You need to use it at night before bed and wash it after you get up in the morning.

This mask is really amazing, i'm super duper like it at the very beginning.
Your skin will looks so bright and light at the morning, trust me..

The bright effect that you get is not like the bleaching effect.
and guys, no mercury in this product.

Question: Are you satisfied with the packaging?

I love the packaging as well and it comes with a vacuum pump bottle
which is more hygienic.

The cream application is quite thick but it absorb very quickly.
You can only know the result after you wake up and I suggest you to find mirror
because you will be amazed with the result.

Question: Will you buy this mask again?
For me, I will absolutely repurchase this KISS Skincare again.
Remember guys, use it for twice a week..
So basically i use it on Tuesday and Friday.
The price is worth for it :)

Question: Where did you purchased it?
I'm worried to purchase the mask because there are lots of fake products and they sell it quite cheaper than its normal price.

Even though they claimed it as Original but who knows is it?
So i did purchased it at

I did a review about this website in my previous entry.
Malaysian trusted web.

So far, i used for two weeks already and i fall in love with it..
Have a try and please let me know if you like it.
Thank you for reading :)

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