Saturday, May 19, 2012

My new UTHM friends ;)

How i meet them??
Cameron Highlands in memory ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey hey do u still remember, i did post about my trip to cameron last week?
since i was busy with the singing competition, don't have much time to update blogging ;)
u may click this to refresh back ;) :

In this entry, i'll tell u about our Day 3 activities before go back UMP (6MAY2012)

we ate this one ;)
they said, its the best soya in Ipoh town... Yep! its true! really nice~
Lots of people went to bought this.. 1bowl=RM0.70 ^^

we went here early morning, i guess around 7am~

then, we had our Breakfast ;)
thx to wai yee's grandpa & cousin

After had our breakfast, we went around Ipoh town without any plan.. ahhaah

OK, please ignore the shortest one..~ =,=

we just walked and stop where we thought we should stop! hahaah

Actually, it was early in the morning..
thats why most of the shops not yet opened! ;)

Then, we saw a mega mall "Ipoh Parade" and plan to look around but at that time it was too early..
hahaha, we had to wait at Starbucks 1st before they opened at 10am

"Good actress"

After that we ate  again.....
this some of the food preview.... actually still got many ;)

After ate, we went to Ipoh Parade again.
hahahh~! we did nothing, waste the time...before depart at 9pm to UMP

my friend and I at the Hotel's Lobby~

waited for departure at Terminal Bas Medan Gopeng, Ipoh...

we did nothing~

So that is how our trip to KL-Cameron-Ipoh end... ;)
we reached UMP at 3am...
we use about RM300++ for this trip (each person)
Since we still left about 1year and a half studying here, why not go look around...
I wish to go and look around Penang, Johor, and Singapore (later on) ;)

well... thank you for your willingness to read this entry..
"Xie-xie" "Gamsahamnida" "Arigato Gozaimasu" "Merci" "Terima Kasih" ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hello to my sweet & charming friends...
Just want to share a good news..
Last night i entered a mandrin singing competition
guess what,~ ;) no.1

this competition divided into 2 categories
Group A: not fluent in mandrin (basically non-chinese)
Group B: fluent in mandrin (Chinese)

so you don't get so excited, i'll not win if im together with the chinese singers! ;)

i can't believe i made it after last sem  i won the mandrin speaking competition as well..
u may click the above link and u will know what am I talking about ;)

well, this time i asked my friend Zepher to accompany me on the stage
million thanks to him too~!! 
i'll give u the money later ya ;)

did our rehearsal for performance together with the group B ;)

Actually this was the 2nd performance on that night..
the 1st round (no pics)  i sang solo since my guitarist got performance on Saturday Night Live! ;)
Zepher: are u ready?
Me: ok, lets start! ;)

its result's time..
maybe some of u wonder why there'r sticker on us..
its d audience choice... the audience will stick on their favorite performer
right side: the top 3 of Group A / left side: the top 3 of Group B

And the winner goes to the lucky no.9 me & zepher!

thanks to dear Elvina n d cameraman (Camillus), willing to came last night ;)

If last time I got RM400, now RM150 consider ok liao ;)

thx to my dear wawa... ;) 
i sang your fav. song liao..

the naughty girl behind.....

million thx for those who came last night..
and thanks for the wishes and supports!! xie xie ni men...

owh, for those who are wish to watch my performance, can watch the video on my FB wall
my friend post it earlier than i expect...

i admit it was a poor mandrin singing..
and i was not memorize d lyrics.. *i write it on my hand!*
spot the mistakes! =,=

thx again..!~ xie xie..

Monday, May 7, 2012


DAY 2: we went to Cameron Highland!
we were staying at Ipoh, and we rent a van from the travel agency 
it costs RM400 per day and u can ask the driver to go everywhere u want. ;)
well of course, we divided it into 8persons ^^

we woke up early and went out around 7am to go for breakfast in Ipoh 1st

ok, please ignore the "early morning face" hihihh ;)

eat together before off to Cameron H.

ok! the first place that we asked the driver to bring us was: ATM machine... ahhhaa
well, need money for emergency case.. heee ;)

i wish UMP weather is like this ;)

then soon, we went to Flower garden (i guess so) ;)
well this was my 2nd time to C.H but we went for different places..

cactus! ;) meet my friend from China: Sui Hai Juan ^^

From your left:  me, ester, wai yee, hai juan ;)

what a beautiful rose ;)

i love Tomatoes! ;)

Then, we went to Butterflies garden~ ;)

Next, we went to tea farm ;)
wonder if the tea leaves got smell.... heee

The girls! ;)

We met them at here.~ they were doin field work.. away from uthm..
friendly people and look he looks like 'Sean Kingston" ;)
forget to ask him to sing a bit...  ;)

and met this guy oso..~ 

Giant Strawberry ;)

A lady feed the fish~ ;)
well fish, i don't think i got another opportunity to feed u again in the future.. 

After had so much fun in C.H.. we went back to Ipoh at 5.30pm
well ipoh-CH not so far~ ;)

As we arrived at Ipoh, we went to Kellies's Castle... ;)
such a beautiful palace..

there are many secret staircases in this castle..  kinda scary to go down bcoz it was too dark at down there..

if they manage to complete this castle in the would be great!! ;)

we ate BaK Kut Teh for dinner ;)

At that night, we walked around Ipoh city and back to Hotel... ;)
well actually lots of activities in Day 2 but I only upload certain photos.. 
Readers wait for the next entry~
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