Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last Friday, my friend and I went to CHERATING
its somewhere in Pahang~ >,<
well, because of limited of time and budget as well, so we went for 2D1N only heeee

the coolest activity that i love is : Fireflies Trip at night!!
dear friend, u must go to Cherating ^^
for me its a beautiful place ..

so, enjoy the pics! >,<

had a short briefing before went to FIREFLIES trip by boat..
i cant capture it becoz we'r not allowed to use any flash will disturb d fireflies
but believe me! it was really2 amazing >,<

i let u see how it looks like....

"Dont tell MAMA cafe"

this burger cost RM20.00 ! maybe it looks small in this pic but actually d size is bigger than normal >,<

the next morning, we went for River Cruise trip...
heeeee look at my face! *bengkak* yeeerrr hahahahaa early morning face

i scare to see a river like this.... why?
err sure got crocodile....... >,<

our uncle driver... *uncle, u'r popular now* heee >,<

OK! morning face such a lol face... hahaha.... meet my fren, WAWA! >,<

so guys! why dont u go to Cherating and have this kind of experience rather than just look at this pictures
>,< plan your trip now ^^

GOOD NIGHT ladies n gentlemen .....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1991-2012: CYNTHIA .G

Just wanna share with my dear do i look like from the past until now...

the baby girl is me... >,<

looks so PITIFUL... omg..

see d past me... ooooomg.. ahhaha

if not mistaken, its taken when i was form 2

yepp i remember this... FORM 3


PLKN life style..

DARKER is normal... ahha

MATRIC life style... ^^

she loves me, me loves her.... heeee

KML is d best.... >,<

 i've becum UMPs junior....

 2011 !

if last time im d junior but now, i have my junior.... >,<

and now here I am... 2012!!

thanks God because I still can breathe from the moment i was born until now..
Thank you for everything...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Ok! Today, I purposely go outing to spend my BB1M voucher...
Straight to d point! : I duno how to spend with it.....
so, I use rm100 first ^^
Can u tell me, how u spend with d RM200 voucher??

Look what i bought : 

the bookstore is out of stock, this is d only story book of Sophie Kinsella.. ergggh.


Im a fan of "sketch book" "colours" "eraser" "pencil"!!! haahahaaa

Actually i want to find d book that can teach us how to draw better...
Unfortunately, the book store is out of stock!!
that is why, I keep another RM100 voucher for next time (before expiry date) ^^

So, tell me! how u spend your BB1M?? >,<

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last week (when i was still at my hometown T,T ) i was cleaning d store room,
and I found my precious drawing once upon a time, 
together with d last "Drama Script"!
feels like winning a lottery! >,<

d script! d tittle is "beauty is a beast"
d "Beauty" character was played by me.... kekekek

Dear reader, guess which one is me??
hehehe got my twin here.... !! LOVE u girls!

our pic after won d Drama competition!!
p/s: i duno how to draw d eyes/nose/lips of a real person except cartoon!

d girls!~

hahah I drew this during my secondary school...! >,<
miss those moment! only certain people know whats d drawing all about...
"A precious memory that can never be replaced"

"use your time wisely" >,< muahh!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Thanks God for a good result..
Thanks mom n dad for ur blessing....
Thanks to all my lecturer for d marks....
Thanks to all my friends for the teaching....

^__^ v congrats to my friends who get a better result!!
For those who not reach their target, try again next time!~ >,<

At the same time, congrats to my cousin "achai" and his beloved wife...

meet my Big Bro's..... heeeeee...
I rarely spend time with my family's event.!

Anyway Congratulation!!

Lots of Love: Cynthia.G

Monday, February 6, 2012


Last 1st Feb,12,  my friends from srwak n kl came here...~
me as d tourist guide have to guide d tourist.~
seriously,I will nver guide tourist again..
why? Im not suitable for that.. ahhahaha
btw, so happy they came here..
I appreciate it.... 
so sorry if u'r not satisfied or feel uncomfortable during this trip..

dear my friends (especially from LD) I hope to meet u'all soon!

I act like never been 1B..! hahaahah gosh!

my butterfly!~ ^^

me with d ladies..... seriously im not chinese... haha

They reach Kundasang..heeee ;) together like a family,.~

Seriously, cloud! why must u cover d mount Kinabalu view..~!

Im fallin in love with mount Kinabalu long3 time ago....

its hot babe.... i mean weather.. haha

yeaa yea.. Fat is cute... Fat is gorgeous.... haha

Poring time....~

hotel time,... @tune hotel, 1B...

Manukan Island....~

ok DARKER.....

@perdana Park..

last dinner @Upperstar...

what a wonderful moment with them..
hope to meet my other friends....
we still have a chance to meet again...
lots of love..
-Cynthia. G-
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