Thursday, March 29, 2012


For those who don't know, I was the NS/PLKN trainee...
second/2nd batch in 2009....
However, I was training for only 1 n half month because I got the chance to enter Matric..
Im not saying this proudly, but I don't even think im that famous during my NS training...
the news that im leaving NS earlier was spread to the entire camp!
I don't know how,why,when n who spread it...

Because of that, I receive few love letterS...
I still keep it until now because I think this is my last memory that I can keep from the training
since Im leaving the camp earlier that the others..

2 weeks before the date I was going to leave the camp,
I received lots of sweets, chocolates, gifts n love letters from the 'wira'
well, we call d boys as 'wira' in camp.~

When i read back those letters, i find it quite funny yet cute!
seriously, I'll remember those guys,.. for sure...
however,sorry for not replying u'ols.
^^ i dont date anyone for that time and until now.. heee

however, I have to keep the sender names secretly.~
I just want to share the cute little thing, even yet u found it as childish..
well,we use to be a childish before we grown up as a mature, right?

one of the sender, misunderstood me at that time...
He thought I like him,because I always smile whenever I met him during the camp.
That innocent boy believes im his destiny n keep contact me every weekend after i leave the camp,
I felt sorry for him..
he was so innocent..~ omg, sorry L**

Let us keep this as a memory.~ heee..
i think some of u oso experience this kind of thing in camp, right?
*no handphone, so ask some postman to post the letters*
hahaha.. sorrry for never replying those letters..
I've no time to reply this during camp.. 

>,< peace....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1)   Last Saturday i got joined cny performance in ump....
for those who came to the hall, plz pretend that u duno me..
yeaa! Im d person that dancing in front of u'ols!

The 2 little cute girl, 11years only... >,<

2) and for the next day (Sunday) i joined FKASA dinner performance..
its a masquerade dinner party at Vistana Hotel Kuantan..~
even though i was play a little role only..~

the dancers team with our elegant choreographer! 

we got 'awan nano' in da house.. ahhaha

this is before the show begins! rehearsal time.~

with the elegant miss qila >,<

'ain cumil"... thx fkasa for provide us food without pay $$ at all.. ^^
free eat..~

SO that is how i ended my weekend..~

Friday, March 16, 2012


thanks for the voucher! >,<

i bought the BOOKS! 
my sisters LOVE it..
I've nothing to buy, so rather than waste it...
its better to give something to them!

Im not a novel lovers...
However, when i start to read one of d book,
I've fallen in LOVE.!
>,< i did lend books from library and read it...

FINALLY! I know what is the feeling!!
I fall in Love with it!

from now on, im d novel lover >,,<

Saturday, March 10, 2012


my lil sister capture her picture in my aunt's house...
then she only realized after looking at the picture...
hahahahaah, scary yet funny...
if she know 'that' thing just beside her, i think she will faint! >,<

my aunt's house just near by my house....
is there a ghost in my house too?????
"omma, plz do something about this, or else i dun wan go back."
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