Thursday, March 29, 2012


For those who don't know, I was the NS/PLKN trainee...
second/2nd batch in 2009....
However, I was training for only 1 n half month because I got the chance to enter Matric..
Im not saying this proudly, but I don't even think im that famous during my NS training...
the news that im leaving NS earlier was spread to the entire camp!
I don't know how,why,when n who spread it...

Because of that, I receive few love letterS...
I still keep it until now because I think this is my last memory that I can keep from the training
since Im leaving the camp earlier that the others..

2 weeks before the date I was going to leave the camp,
I received lots of sweets, chocolates, gifts n love letters from the 'wira'
well, we call d boys as 'wira' in camp.~

When i read back those letters, i find it quite funny yet cute!
seriously, I'll remember those guys,.. for sure...
however,sorry for not replying u'ols.
^^ i dont date anyone for that time and until now.. heee

however, I have to keep the sender names secretly.~
I just want to share the cute little thing, even yet u found it as childish..
well,we use to be a childish before we grown up as a mature, right?

one of the sender, misunderstood me at that time...
He thought I like him,because I always smile whenever I met him during the camp.
That innocent boy believes im his destiny n keep contact me every weekend after i leave the camp,
I felt sorry for him..
he was so innocent..~ omg, sorry L**

Let us keep this as a memory.~ heee..
i think some of u oso experience this kind of thing in camp, right?
*no handphone, so ask some postman to post the letters*
hahaha.. sorrry for never replying those letters..
I've no time to reply this during camp.. 

>,< peace....


  1. punya jiwang wira dulu! hahaha lucu~~

  2. aq mo baca pn malu ni..... heeeee haha

  3. my god ! ! oww, nie yg ko mw kasi tgk tu kn. . euuuwww. hahaha.dy mw khawin sma ko.!! hahahahah :D buruk gak tulisan d0rg nie.hahaah


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