Sunday, March 30, 2014


Have you ever wonder how all the korean artists achieve their dewy skin?
Most of girls out there are dying to have their skin! So do I!
Therefore I discover and search using the highest technology that we have to reveal their secret!
It is not difficult as what we expect, you just need to do a few steps in order to success.

All you need to do is to have a good skin care routine before applying your make up.
In short, the BASE make up is important and the highlight of this entry.
The steps that I'll be sharing with you after this is what I do to get the desire skin.
You no need to use the exact products that I'm using, just stick to your products.
Okay without wasting any time, lets get into the tutorial ;)

Step no. 1

WASH your face. 
Here you can use your cleansing product to cleanse your face.
Make sure to wash it very clean.

Step no. 2

Cleansing our face in the step 1 is not enough to get rid the 'dirtyness' 
Therefore, toner is the next step to further remove any remaining dirt on our face.

Step no. 3

Okay this is an optional, you can just simply skip this step if you don't have it.

Step no. 4

Okay you definitely cannot escape this step!
This is the highlight part to achieve glowing skin.
Moisturizer gives our skin a moist looking effect and keep it hydrating the whole time
Here im using the water bank essence by Laniege, it gives moisture to your skin for 24hrs
AND I want to emphasize again, you no need to use the exact products that I use.

Here is the swatch of the product, it gives your skin moisture that you need!

Step no. 5

Now your base is done, you can either apply foundation or bb cream.
However, i love to apply BB cream instead of foundation
This is because BB cream is lighter compare with foundation.

My style is I mix my bb cream with the brightening gel to enhance the glow effect :)
Im using water base bb cream from the Face shop, it contain 70% moisture.
I mix it with my brightening gel cream from Victoria Secret.
I put a very minimal amount of bb cream because you already apply few layers on your face
So the bb cream just to balance your skin complexion :)

Last step

Spray your face to set all the products so it stays longer.
I use the hydra fresh spray from SUISSE Programme, to set the products and stay moisture :)

AND you are done with the Glowing Dewy Skin :)
Basically you have to find the products that contains water base
It is important to keep your skin moisture, the glowing of your skin suppose not to look OILY
It have to look MOISTURE

This is basically what I normally do
Different people have their own ways so this is what I suggest you.

*Sorry if the photo is not clear enough for you* :)

Hers is the closer look! hehehe
I love to keep it light, so I hate to apply thick concealer to hide my breakouts.
Just let it be. hehehe..
Sorry for the imperfection.
I just want to show you the glowing skin effect so ignore the breakouts

Hope you find this helpful.
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day


Saturday, March 29, 2014


For me weekend is heaven because I no need to go for working.
Therefore! Its the time for me and my family to go for shop hunting.
Heee ☺️ well well well. I am so surprise with the existance of KK people in 1Borneo yesterday night.
Flooded with human and only i notice the "Sale" word after 1hour. Haha

No wonder kan!?
Then i start with my skin care product hunting. 
I heard Laniege is getting a lot of attention so Im thinking to give a try with their best seller products which are whitening serum and water bank essence.

With the purchased of the 2 products that i mentioned, i get a set of free gift 😉

After that we went to Etude House because I need to find a skin care product for my lil sister.
We bought the products of Etude House AC clinic, it is for the acne treatment.
I know this from the Youtube blogger "oiseau88" channel. 
She gave a good review about this product so i think its not wrong for a try. 
This products will be use by my sister. Not me.

The "oh my god" cute bottle is for acne treatment at your back. Haha! So cute is it..

Since Etude House is selling for buy one free one and buy two free one. I bought their masks and hair mask treatment/serum.

So sorry if the photos uploaded are not clear because im writing this entry by using my iphone.
I'll let you know if those products listed above are working well with my skin in the next entry.
All the products can be purchased in your local stores near by ☺️

Thank you so much for reading, stay happy and healthy. May God bless you abundantly 😍

Friday, March 28, 2014


Life is too short..
I mean VERY SHORT, without i realize.......
Since 1991, the year I was born.
Up until today, 2014, i'll be 23 soon.
i've learn so many things, through ups and downs
Thin and Thick.

No one will help you unless your FAMILY.
Yes True Friends exist but its RARELY to find.
So its better to not depends on anybody but yourself.
They don't know when you're hurt, sick etc.

Believe in yourself ;)

Happy Friday everyone!
Have a nice weekend


Monday, March 24, 2014

A Beauty Product Haul

Hola ladies! Ive just received a parcel from "a_secretwhisper" (instagram).. I purchased 4 products which are pretty awesome! So this is what i want to share with you 😁

1. Real technique brushes

This is the flawless set, i did purchased the starter eyes kit but due to MH370 they can't deliver the things. Oh yes this brushes were imported from other countries. If not mistaken is from USA.
I love this brushes other than Sigma brush. They're worth to buy 😍

2. EOS Lip Balm

I love it! The colour attracts me! This lip balm is so popular among the young teenagers, therefore, i wanted to try it too. When you apply it on your lips, tou can't hold yourself from keep licking your lips. Haha! Because its so delicious and freaking good! 

3. Konjac Sponge

Have you ever heard about Konjac Sponge? You may try to google it and find out how to use it. It is use for naturally deep cleansing! Washing your face by hands is not clean enough, the dirt inside your tiny pores will still remain. So i suggest you to try this Konjac sponge for extra cleansing 😉

4. Tokyo Love Soap

Okay, this is new for me! This soap is originally formulated by Japan. They have 4 types, and forgive me as I cant remember the other 3 types. I bought a premium soap. This soap is use for cleansing, soften your skin and prevent the growth of facial hairs. It can be use for whitening purpose too. I will use this soap for my body not for my face, but you may do so.

Their IG sells many things that can make you "jaw dropping" by looking at it. They sell NYX cosmetics, MAC, Sigma brushes, Sleek pallette, etc.. Go visit their ig for more information! They're so friendly and i personally love the way they manage their IG. So well arranged compare the other business seller. ☺️ThuMbs up! 
*all the products are ORIGINAL, fake product is prohibited in their business*

Okay thats all, untill we meet again! 😍

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review on Laniege Serum Intense Lipstick

Hello ladies! 😄 Yesterday i bought this  famous serum intense lipstick by Laniege in Flask Pink. This is one of the lipstick that Cheon Song Yi used in the drama. 

Hahah the promoter said that another best seller lipstick that have the highest request is the Neon Orange! Wow Cheon song yi give the big influence for the cosmetic line.

Straight to the review, this lipstick give moisture effect on your lips. At the same time, it contain serum that can heal your lips conditon. To be honest, my lips are super super dry so i cant wear matte lipstick.

When i use this lipstick, it is so smooth and it just glide softly, i think its great! Its more pricey than MAC lipstick but its okay. You have to sacrifice for your own benefit. Heehehe

You can get it in 1Borneo Parkson, RM70 only. I plan to buy the Coral colour after this. ☺️ Sorry for keep spamming beauty products for this few days entries ya.

Ive grown and suddenly i love to talk about beauty products, beauty tips. I guess is not suitable for guys to read it. Haha.. Since im writing this entry using my iPhone, so its very limited. Hehe

Thank you for reading, i'll gonna talk to you soon. Bye! Stay happy and healthy, may God bless you abundantly. 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Good day everyone! I'm a little bit happy for today.
What will you do to be happy?
Some people prefer shopping, off for vacation with family and friends etc.
However for me, I need a fragance that smells heavenly to be happy. 
haha! Therefore this entry aims to review my personal thoughts about perfumes.

I am perfume-holic (Do this word exist?)
Hard core perfumista fan! haha
Hopefully this entry will help for those who are deciding to buy perfume later on ;)

Since im doing this entry in the office, so I can't show you my perfume collection.
Don't worry, copy & paste URL from Mr. Google is another option heeee..
I do own the products listed below so i'll give review based on my experienced.. haha! bleuk

1. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This perfume is unique! FYI this is personally my number one perfume.
Some people call it as "heaven contained in a bottle"
I know "Chanel N5" is popular but i dislike the smells.
For young hearts out there, this might be your taste ;) believe me
Its oriental fresh, floral jasmine-rose, a very light smell and this might be a good gift for ladies.
I admit its a bit pricey but it lasts more than most fragrances!

2. Signoria by Salvatore Ferragamo

I find difficulty in a way to describe this perfume.
in short: [sweet : fresh : fruity : milky : rose]
This perfume composed of elegant jasmine, pink peony, and rose.
The bottle packaging is gracefully decorated in pink gold that give a light and iconic style.
Hereby, I want to declare that I'm not much into sweet scents because it sometimes give me headache.
However, this Signoria is not so overly! surprisingly...

3.  Donna by Trussardi 2011

Pure white, this is what i describe by looking at the packaging.
It offers floral composition include orange blossom, lemon, watery fruits, and vanilla.
On the 1st spray, it is really floral but then the fruitiness settles down on the skin and ends up softly due to vanilla scents which make it so classic.
This is absolutely the best choice for spring and summer.
A good news for everyone its affordable and seems to be long-lasting too! ;)

4. Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY

This is not a common perfume for all, i believe...
Words that can be described are [rose ; fruity; citrus ; floral ; green]
It is composed of luminous accords of grapefruit mixed with rose and jasmine petals.
It gives you freshness, joyful, energy and at the same time be flirty ;)
Whenever I feel want to smells like light fruity-rose, i'll spray it the whole body hehehe...

5. The One Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

[Caramel ; tuberose ; white floral ; vanilla ; fruity]
The One Desire composed with the blend of bergamot, mandarin, lychee and lily.
It emphasize the glamour and glory of a woman thus be Seductive!
This is perfect scent that comes in a black bottle with gold-coloured details.
Don't you feel this perfume keep seducing you to try? YES! You must!
hahaha! ;)

6. Yellow Diamond by Versace

 I only left 5ml for this purfume! haha I love this not only because it smells nice
I got it for my birthday present from my friends ;)
Thanks! They know me well, i can just melt right about the moment i receive it.
The main accords are [Citrus ; floral ; yellow floral; fresh]
Believe me you will think that almost all the perfumes that I review contain most of the components
but they have different scents for each bottle!
Its composition opens with luminous freshness of lemon, bergamot, neroli and pear sorbet!
You will feel like being surrounding with the floral garden (I hope it makes sense!) ;)

7.  Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Goodness! The main accords for the eternity aqua are [Ozonic ; aquatic ; floral ; woody]
This perfume symbolize as a casual elegance, charm and a touch of mystery.
It is very fresh aquatic, enrich with woody accords and little bit hint of light flowers.
Based on my experience, you may have to reapply it after a few hours because the scent is very light.
Thus, if you want to keep fresh for the whole day, you have to reapply it!
;) nonetheless, I would still love this CK version!! muahhh

8. Burberry Body

Will you agree with me if I say that 'your perfume collection is incomplete without Body Burberry'?
Yes indeed!you will feel sexy and seductive as the model Rosie Huntington Whiteley! grrrr
The main accords are [Woody ; musky ; powdery ; rose ; floral]
I do feel weird because the scent smells powdery but floral composition covers it nicely.

9. Guilty Black Pour Femme by Gucci

The main acccords are [Fruity ; sweet ; powdery ; patchouli ; floral]
I love the bottle that comes with black and red finishing, seems like glowing in the darkness.
Gucci guilty is a delicious and sexy fragrances that reflecting a charming woman.
The juicy smells of red berries, peach and raspberry brings luminous sensuality to the scent.

10. Flower Princess by Vera Wang

For those who adore 'princess' character, this might suitable for you ;)
The scents composition are white floral, citrus, sweet, fresh, and aquatic.
haha to be honest I bought this because I fall in love with the bottle..
Look at the Crown ;) you will feel like a princess
All girls are suppose to be born as Princess..

Chop chop chop! I think I should stop writing on review for the tenth perfumes
Because I might afraid you'll get bored with this entry. haha
I do have another perfumes to show but I guess, i'll just make it short.
It much more convenient if I just make a haul video about the perfume review ;)
Because not all people like to read, Like ME! haha

So ladies, I do hope you'll find this blog entry can help you a lil'bit for guiding you to choose the right perfume for you. I want to emphasize that perfume react differently based on your skin.
So you may need to find a good chemistry with your perfumes!

I do not bought all these perfumes in a big amount.
I bought it one by one and collect it over the long time period.
However, I do have perfumes that I regret for purchasing it..
heh! its okay, at least i can recommend you the GOOD fragrances!

Ok ladies, i gotta go. please like this if you think this will help you.
Do comment below for any inquiries!
Stay happy and healthy, may God bless you abundantly!

Muaahhhhh xoxo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lady C: Working Day ~

Lady C: Working Day ~: Good day everyone! Hope you're doing well. I just want to share about my daily routine. I'm having my internship program for ...

Working Day ~

Good day everyone! Hope you're doing well.
I just want to share about my daily routine.
I'm having my internship program for 6 months, 5 months and  a half to be exact.
I want to perform better and make friends..
So they will at least remember me or missing me perhaps? when I'm gone ;)

Oh well, i wonder how is my buddies? I hope they're doing well.
Wherever you are, remember, someone love you ^^

Starting from 8.00am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri) I'm working in JPP UMS
(Come and find me!) 

Taken with Iphone 5
Venue: Tanjung Lipat, KK

Beautiful sunset that always waiting for me ^^
Though its hurt me to be stranded in traffic jam, but at least the scenery is worth for waiting.
Is there anyone of you love  with traffic jam?!

Tips to avoid from getting bored during traffic road peak time : 

1) Turn on your radio!

2) Adjust the volume (increase a BIT)

3) Sing along

p/s: Dont get too excited, and stay focus on the road to avoid accident ;)

 I notice that when people are stranded in the traffic jam,
they tend to take "Selfie" ;)
hahah! And guess what, ME TOO ^^

I feel so guilty to write down entries of this blog during my working time ;(
hek hek! Sorry BOSS. i'll do it when only I dont have work to do.

opssie.. sorry.

Bye guys, stay healthy and happily.
May God bless you abundantly!.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Since I am so free for today, I decide to write a review for my holy grail products must have for me
I decide not to delete this blog and will continue to produce entries

1. Cleanser

If you notice it, back in 2012 I had a serious acne problem.
Like seriously the worst skin I experience ever! 
Im not sure if I keep those photos, will show it later on.
I'd tried so many products including the cheapest and expensive products.
AND finally Cetaphil save me from the embarrassing moment.
This product help to treat your acne and serious breakout.
I have a sensitive skin and I don't have problem with this product :)

2. Shampoo

a) Soap & Glory

haha I always change my shampoo brand because I love to try and find 
which shampoo suit me the best.
Soap & Glory shampoo is one of the best shampoo I'd tried so far
I love the scent of raspberry and I highly recommend this.
You can purchase it from Sephora 

b) Kiehls

I love mostly everything about Argan! and you should try this argan shampoo by Kiehls
This shampoo do not have a strong scent compare the soap & glory shampoo
However, you can feel your hair is getting soft and silk after you wash it.

c) L'occitane

I'm currently using L'occitane shampoo as well as the conditioner
I do love the scent, it smells like fresh mint or grass, I can't describe it well
This shampoo gives me volume that I could even get it since I have a thin hair.
The scent of your hair stays for days and I L.O.V.E it ;)

3. Moisturizer

a) Lancome

OMG this is another product that I must have.
Since you know that my skin is quite sensitive, so I have to find a good moisturizer for my face
Lancome Visionnaire moisturizer gives me a soft and glowing skin after apply it.
Im runnng out of the stock now,  gonna repurchase it after I finish my next moisturizer

b) Josie Maran Argan Oil

I'm sure Josie Maran Argan Oil is not a common name among us.
This is a world wide known product and one of the best product so far.
Believe me, this oil is magic! You can apply this as your daily face moisturizer.
It also can soften and repair your skin 
I am Josie Maran Argan Oil consumer, how bout you? :)

4. Hair Oil

HEE another argan product I have is this Morrocan Argan Oil by Organix!
Do you wonder why I have few argan products, u'll know if you google it more ;)
I love to apply argan oil to my hair before bed
When you wake up in the morning, try to touch your hair...
You'll know if you try it ;)

I guess i'll stop my sharing review at this point.
In short, i've review products about face and hair only.
Thumbs up and do let me know IF you would like to know about the rest
I'm scare you will say that I'm trying to show off my products! HAHA
heizz I thought you say "sharing is caring?"

Do let me know If this entry help you to find the best products that suit you
Don't afraid for trying and I know some products are quite pricey
BUT remember your body deserve for a good quality products ;)

Lots of Love, let me know if you like it 

Best regards,
Cynthia G.

First entry 2014

First entry for 2014!! YES, its true..
2013 left us with so much memories that we could never imagine..
My dad was sick back in November 2013..
He undergo 4 surgeries if i'm not mistaken.
And for this moment he can't walk and stand alone.

I actually dislike to talk about this because whats the point for look at the past.
Past is past. 
My mum have to take off without payment for almost 4 months.

Currently, I undergo my Internship for 6 months at UMS.
And that's all, the end.

Hmmm maybe because of this, I like to isolate myself from others.
I mean is isolating myself from friends.
Not to say I'm 'sombong' or 'sumbung' but we're actually still in a recovery mood.
After all this tragedy happen, we need time to get back to our social life.

I spend my time with family, like i say "Full time"
So sorry, some of my friends ask me for hang out but I have to say NO.

Just give me some time to refresh back my life ;)
Oh! I also deactivate my FB long time ago.
I feel its such a waste, I cant control myself for being such a Fb addictorrr! haha

But yeah I still do keep my IG and Twit-twit :)

For those who are keep wondering what I'm doing for my internship.
I am the Safety & Health Trainee.
"peduli la, ada yg ckp sy sekuriti guard" haha...

Ok! lunch time, i gotta go!! :)

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