Sunday, March 30, 2014


Have you ever wonder how all the korean artists achieve their dewy skin?
Most of girls out there are dying to have their skin! So do I!
Therefore I discover and search using the highest technology that we have to reveal their secret!
It is not difficult as what we expect, you just need to do a few steps in order to success.

All you need to do is to have a good skin care routine before applying your make up.
In short, the BASE make up is important and the highlight of this entry.
The steps that I'll be sharing with you after this is what I do to get the desire skin.
You no need to use the exact products that I'm using, just stick to your products.
Okay without wasting any time, lets get into the tutorial ;)

Step no. 1

WASH your face. 
Here you can use your cleansing product to cleanse your face.
Make sure to wash it very clean.

Step no. 2

Cleansing our face in the step 1 is not enough to get rid the 'dirtyness' 
Therefore, toner is the next step to further remove any remaining dirt on our face.

Step no. 3

Okay this is an optional, you can just simply skip this step if you don't have it.

Step no. 4

Okay you definitely cannot escape this step!
This is the highlight part to achieve glowing skin.
Moisturizer gives our skin a moist looking effect and keep it hydrating the whole time
Here im using the water bank essence by Laniege, it gives moisture to your skin for 24hrs
AND I want to emphasize again, you no need to use the exact products that I use.

Here is the swatch of the product, it gives your skin moisture that you need!

Step no. 5

Now your base is done, you can either apply foundation or bb cream.
However, i love to apply BB cream instead of foundation
This is because BB cream is lighter compare with foundation.

My style is I mix my bb cream with the brightening gel to enhance the glow effect :)
Im using water base bb cream from the Face shop, it contain 70% moisture.
I mix it with my brightening gel cream from Victoria Secret.
I put a very minimal amount of bb cream because you already apply few layers on your face
So the bb cream just to balance your skin complexion :)

Last step

Spray your face to set all the products so it stays longer.
I use the hydra fresh spray from SUISSE Programme, to set the products and stay moisture :)

AND you are done with the Glowing Dewy Skin :)
Basically you have to find the products that contains water base
It is important to keep your skin moisture, the glowing of your skin suppose not to look OILY
It have to look MOISTURE

This is basically what I normally do
Different people have their own ways so this is what I suggest you.

*Sorry if the photo is not clear enough for you* :)

Hers is the closer look! hehehe
I love to keep it light, so I hate to apply thick concealer to hide my breakouts.
Just let it be. hehehe..
Sorry for the imperfection.
I just want to show you the glowing skin effect so ignore the breakouts

Hope you find this helpful.
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day



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