Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First entry 2014

First entry for 2014!! YES, its true..
2013 left us with so much memories that we could never imagine..
My dad was sick back in November 2013..
He undergo 4 surgeries if i'm not mistaken.
And for this moment he can't walk and stand alone.

I actually dislike to talk about this because whats the point for look at the past.
Past is past. 
My mum have to take off without payment for almost 4 months.

Currently, I undergo my Internship for 6 months at UMS.
And that's all, the end.

Hmmm maybe because of this, I like to isolate myself from others.
I mean is isolating myself from friends.
Not to say I'm 'sombong' or 'sumbung' but we're actually still in a recovery mood.
After all this tragedy happen, we need time to get back to our social life.

I spend my time with family, like i say "Full time"
So sorry, some of my friends ask me for hang out but I have to say NO.

Just give me some time to refresh back my life ;)
Oh! I also deactivate my FB long time ago.
I feel its such a waste, I cant control myself for being such a Fb addictorrr! haha

But yeah I still do keep my IG and Twit-twit :)

For those who are keep wondering what I'm doing for my internship.
I am the Safety & Health Trainee.
"peduli la, ada yg ckp sy sekuriti guard" haha...

Ok! lunch time, i gotta go!! :)


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