Saturday, March 29, 2014


For me weekend is heaven because I no need to go for working.
Therefore! Its the time for me and my family to go for shop hunting.
Heee ☺️ well well well. I am so surprise with the existance of KK people in 1Borneo yesterday night.
Flooded with human and only i notice the "Sale" word after 1hour. Haha

No wonder kan!?
Then i start with my skin care product hunting. 
I heard Laniege is getting a lot of attention so Im thinking to give a try with their best seller products which are whitening serum and water bank essence.

With the purchased of the 2 products that i mentioned, i get a set of free gift 😉

After that we went to Etude House because I need to find a skin care product for my lil sister.
We bought the products of Etude House AC clinic, it is for the acne treatment.
I know this from the Youtube blogger "oiseau88" channel. 
She gave a good review about this product so i think its not wrong for a try. 
This products will be use by my sister. Not me.

The "oh my god" cute bottle is for acne treatment at your back. Haha! So cute is it..

Since Etude House is selling for buy one free one and buy two free one. I bought their masks and hair mask treatment/serum.

So sorry if the photos uploaded are not clear because im writing this entry by using my iphone.
I'll let you know if those products listed above are working well with my skin in the next entry.
All the products can be purchased in your local stores near by ☺️

Thank you so much for reading, stay happy and healthy. May God bless you abundantly 😍


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