Monday, March 24, 2014

A Beauty Product Haul

Hola ladies! Ive just received a parcel from "a_secretwhisper" (instagram).. I purchased 4 products which are pretty awesome! So this is what i want to share with you 😁

1. Real technique brushes

This is the flawless set, i did purchased the starter eyes kit but due to MH370 they can't deliver the things. Oh yes this brushes were imported from other countries. If not mistaken is from USA.
I love this brushes other than Sigma brush. They're worth to buy 😍

2. EOS Lip Balm

I love it! The colour attracts me! This lip balm is so popular among the young teenagers, therefore, i wanted to try it too. When you apply it on your lips, tou can't hold yourself from keep licking your lips. Haha! Because its so delicious and freaking good! 

3. Konjac Sponge

Have you ever heard about Konjac Sponge? You may try to google it and find out how to use it. It is use for naturally deep cleansing! Washing your face by hands is not clean enough, the dirt inside your tiny pores will still remain. So i suggest you to try this Konjac sponge for extra cleansing 😉

4. Tokyo Love Soap

Okay, this is new for me! This soap is originally formulated by Japan. They have 4 types, and forgive me as I cant remember the other 3 types. I bought a premium soap. This soap is use for cleansing, soften your skin and prevent the growth of facial hairs. It can be use for whitening purpose too. I will use this soap for my body not for my face, but you may do so.

Their IG sells many things that can make you "jaw dropping" by looking at it. They sell NYX cosmetics, MAC, Sigma brushes, Sleek pallette, etc.. Go visit their ig for more information! They're so friendly and i personally love the way they manage their IG. So well arranged compare the other business seller. ☺️ThuMbs up! 
*all the products are ORIGINAL, fake product is prohibited in their business*

Okay thats all, untill we meet again! 😍


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