Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review on Laniege Serum Intense Lipstick

Hello ladies! 😄 Yesterday i bought this  famous serum intense lipstick by Laniege in Flask Pink. This is one of the lipstick that Cheon Song Yi used in the drama. 

Hahah the promoter said that another best seller lipstick that have the highest request is the Neon Orange! Wow Cheon song yi give the big influence for the cosmetic line.

Straight to the review, this lipstick give moisture effect on your lips. At the same time, it contain serum that can heal your lips conditon. To be honest, my lips are super super dry so i cant wear matte lipstick.

When i use this lipstick, it is so smooth and it just glide softly, i think its great! Its more pricey than MAC lipstick but its okay. You have to sacrifice for your own benefit. Heehehe

You can get it in 1Borneo Parkson, RM70 only. I plan to buy the Coral colour after this. ☺️ Sorry for keep spamming beauty products for this few days entries ya.

Ive grown and suddenly i love to talk about beauty products, beauty tips. I guess is not suitable for guys to read it. Haha.. Since im writing this entry using my iPhone, so its very limited. Hehe

Thank you for reading, i'll gonna talk to you soon. Bye! Stay happy and healthy, may God bless you abundantly. 



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