Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After come back ump from cameron, I start to feel 'depressed" with d work!
erghh staying here really made me sick!
so went out with my girlfriends last night~
we end up with dinner! eat ice cream! sing K! n drink tettt..~! its y.fang treat! ahahah..

we ate dinner at Korean rstaurant that we spent few mnutes to search for ~
luckily we found it! hahaah ^^

this is what im talkin bout~

it looks tastier to me~ hahaah

it would be great if d "soju" exist.~ feels like in a movie! ahhahaah

this is what they call 'kimchi soup"... sorry 2 my frens coz im too excited at that time.. ahhaha!!

a friend of mine that trying her best not to shown her happiness.. ahahha

After eat such food, we feel like something was missing! yes! we should eat more rite??
hee so we went beside JJ kimbab ----> TW Ice !
eat ice cream! its nice ^__^

this is wat i ask for~ durian ice cream! heeeeeee ^__^

blueberry's flavour! pei zam's.....

she choose mango's!~ ^__^

after eat we go sing K!

today is Thursday ady, and i haven't do any revision yet!~
wtheck!~ I need someone to motivate me plz..hhaha..
assignments haven't touch yet!
take it easy!

Thx God coz give me such days!~
wanna show them how much i love & appreciate them ^__^
take care ols~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Just come back from Cameron~
I made this entry especially for my sisters coz she might don believe me~ heheh
this is also for those friends that I treasure most~ 4 u all @__@
so, "Ceryil Ann G./ Chriscylda G" . >,<
i went just for 4d/3nites only baa~
dont get so excited/jlous k sis ^__^

so just enjoy those photos ~

we'r enjoying d steamboat together... how i love eating together like a family~

this is where we live~ beautiful kan... ^^

with my cutie fren "elvina cantik" >,<

look at this chapel, kinda unique rite~ love it!

can u guess what is d thing that attract my attention??
look at d cute "ELMO".. omg grrrrrrr!!

'chisou' i went to strawberry farm~ d stairs looks cute kan..~ >,<

see! i step on it... hahahahaha so cute laa~

ok! i think dis is vege rite?? so cute laa.. looks like "green puppies" ^^

For sure Cameron H is rich with d fresh flowers rite... so kinda waste if i dun snap any pics!

flowers near d church..~ bergghh beautiful!! 
imagine u wearing a wedding dress n sit around d flowers. its awesome! >,<

such a bright flower! why 'u're so beautiful.?

cantik o ni kan... see d guy in dis pic?? his name is "peter"
he din noticed it.. haha.. 'thank' me k....

see this guy again, so cool kn! ahahha ngam2 oo sy snap,..~
his name is "chris"... "thank' me k.... heee

look at her... "Elvina Claire" hahaha so cute laa..

bergg this puppy made my day glorious~~ cute jugak ko "baby dog"
if only i can bring back UMP.. hahaha

this is father's house.... beautiful rite...~ 

around d house.. "i wish i could stay in a house like this with my parents, kids , n beloved one"
amen...~ heeee ^^

d CVSF marks... hahah those my close friends knows me through dat drawing... "familiar?'
got 1ringgit sign lagi.. they call me 1ringgit ni..~

Look how happy we are~ full of joy & laughter

me with d beautiful ladies... they are rite? >,<

again with d beautiful Ladies....~

yeaa2 me n el posing with d freshie juniors...~ ><

WE ARE FAMILY!! @____@

look..~ we went to tea farm,... so green!
it made me love green!! go green go~ ^^

those kids really happy to learn d action songs! >,<

OK, thanks to 'thom2' for d photo~ daebak..

enough with d photos, maybe u'r tired to look at it... heee
just wanna share wat i did for these few days...
time passes so fast, Im too happy until dont realized it ~
"thx God for this beautiful trip & lovely people"

Friday, October 21, 2011


Do u know,how lonely i am...
stay here without doin anything.. 
even though dozens of assgnmnt r waitin but my holiday mode activate!
so im gonna take this few days off~ "brain's off"

I just can watch my rumates & friends went out yesterday..
i dont want to send they go out coz im might afraid im gonna cry!..
yea yea.. my friend come to my room bfore leavin.
yerr who ask u to meet me... yien fang >,< haha..

Owh yeah,now this room turns to private night club! haha lol..

before its "too too tooo" late gonna wish "Happy Birthday to my frens~
"Pou Wai Yee" & "Ong Pit Wah"
Glamour huh?? ^__^
enjoy your holiday!!

"may your wishes come true"

"you might not gonna believe me coz i never tell u this.. but sincerely Im glad to meet u'ol"
"though u always bully me but still.......... I 'sayang' u ol"
"Honestly I'm happy to meet u girls"
"and sincerely all my friends are BeautiFUL"

*from: ur ugliest, fattest, smelly, shortest, ben dan Fren..*
"i don even mad u call me that bcoz " WO AI NI men" ;'(

@____@ do come back n bring something for me yaa >,<
'I'm waiting for u ladieS"

Thursday, October 13, 2011


gettin lazy and lazier now.~
err... if my mom know im act like dis...
for sure she will scold me.. heee..
*mommy, i will behave myself.~
*ur daughter need to find a right time to move on~

i dont have dat study mode now~....
err!! quizzes + tests waiting for me~
and im officially not goin back for this deepa holiday..

how i wish i can escape from this place for a while~
blerkk blerkk.... im gonna find other alternative to escape....
just wait n see...~

*nothin to say, so im off now~
pissed off...! 

need someone to motivate me now...
im gettin lazier....!! i mean it...!!

 thx to skype for connecting us~ >,<
LOVE u..~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Lazy

Hey love~..
quit busy dis few weeks so not able to update recently~
+ lazy + sleepy + busy with meetings~....
erghh... and this girl being so lazy to eat anything..~
                                                     dis few days she only eat this ------> oats..
luckily she manage to eat rice for today's lunch..
                                                         but then continue with oat again~...

'not bad' but i would like to add some apples + kismis ^__^

i can finish 1pcket of oat for 1week~
mom... hehehehe....
hummm... should i check my current weight?
hahaaha no need!! 
hold on~...

let me try 3weeks challenge!
not chllnge eat oat only k!
i will die for dat..~

hahaha ok enough with this..
lots of assgnments calling 4 me...

take care olls, love-ya! ^__^

"Dear  people that i love, plz be happy in your life....
treasure your time, smile while u still can smile....."
.....bcoz u worth for it.....
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