Friday, October 21, 2011


Do u know,how lonely i am...
stay here without doin anything.. 
even though dozens of assgnmnt r waitin but my holiday mode activate!
so im gonna take this few days off~ "brain's off"

I just can watch my rumates & friends went out yesterday..
i dont want to send they go out coz im might afraid im gonna cry!..
yea yea.. my friend come to my room bfore leavin.
yerr who ask u to meet me... yien fang >,< haha..

Owh yeah,now this room turns to private night club! haha lol..

before its "too too tooo" late gonna wish "Happy Birthday to my frens~
"Pou Wai Yee" & "Ong Pit Wah"
Glamour huh?? ^__^
enjoy your holiday!!

"may your wishes come true"

"you might not gonna believe me coz i never tell u this.. but sincerely Im glad to meet u'ol"
"though u always bully me but still.......... I 'sayang' u ol"
"Honestly I'm happy to meet u girls"
"and sincerely all my friends are BeautiFUL"

*from: ur ugliest, fattest, smelly, shortest, ben dan Fren..*
"i don even mad u call me that bcoz " WO AI NI men" ;'(

@____@ do come back n bring something for me yaa >,<
'I'm waiting for u ladieS"


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