Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Lazy

Hey love~..
quit busy dis few weeks so not able to update recently~
+ lazy + sleepy + busy with meetings~....
erghh... and this girl being so lazy to eat anything..~
                                                     dis few days she only eat this ------> oats..
luckily she manage to eat rice for today's lunch..
                                                         but then continue with oat again~...

'not bad' but i would like to add some apples + kismis ^__^

i can finish 1pcket of oat for 1week~
mom... hehehehe....
hummm... should i check my current weight?
hahaaha no need!! 
hold on~...

let me try 3weeks challenge!
not chllnge eat oat only k!
i will die for dat..~

hahaha ok enough with this..
lots of assgnments calling 4 me...

take care olls, love-ya! ^__^

"Dear  people that i love, plz be happy in your life....
treasure your time, smile while u still can smile....."
.....bcoz u worth for it.....


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