Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Just come back from Cameron~
I made this entry especially for my sisters coz she might don believe me~ heheh
this is also for those friends that I treasure most~ 4 u all @__@
so, "Ceryil Ann G./ Chriscylda G" . >,<
i went just for 4d/3nites only baa~
dont get so excited/jlous k sis ^__^

so just enjoy those photos ~

we'r enjoying d steamboat together... how i love eating together like a family~

this is where we live~ beautiful kan... ^^

with my cutie fren "elvina cantik" >,<

look at this chapel, kinda unique rite~ love it!

can u guess what is d thing that attract my attention??
look at d cute "ELMO".. omg grrrrrrr!!

'chisou' i went to strawberry farm~ d stairs looks cute kan..~ >,<

see! i step on it... hahahahaha so cute laa~

ok! i think dis is vege rite?? so cute laa.. looks like "green puppies" ^^

For sure Cameron H is rich with d fresh flowers rite... so kinda waste if i dun snap any pics!

flowers near d church..~ bergghh beautiful!! 
imagine u wearing a wedding dress n sit around d flowers. its awesome! >,<

such a bright flower! why 'u're so beautiful.?

cantik o ni kan... see d guy in dis pic?? his name is "peter"
he din noticed it.. haha.. 'thank' me k....

see this guy again, so cool kn! ahahha ngam2 oo sy snap,..~
his name is "chris"... "thank' me k.... heee

look at her... "Elvina Claire" hahaha so cute laa..

bergg this puppy made my day glorious~~ cute jugak ko "baby dog"
if only i can bring back UMP.. hahaha

this is father's house.... beautiful rite...~ 

around d house.. "i wish i could stay in a house like this with my parents, kids , n beloved one"
amen...~ heeee ^^

d CVSF marks... hahah those my close friends knows me through dat drawing... "familiar?'
got 1ringgit sign lagi.. they call me 1ringgit ni..~

Look how happy we are~ full of joy & laughter

me with d beautiful ladies... they are rite? >,<

again with d beautiful Ladies....~

yeaa2 me n el posing with d freshie juniors...~ ><

WE ARE FAMILY!! @____@

look..~ we went to tea farm,... so green!
it made me love green!! go green go~ ^^

those kids really happy to learn d action songs! >,<

OK, thanks to 'thom2' for d photo~ daebak..

enough with d photos, maybe u'r tired to look at it... heee
just wanna share wat i did for these few days...
time passes so fast, Im too happy until dont realized it ~
"thx God for this beautiful trip & lovely people"


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