Thursday, December 15, 2011


Im tired with project reportS & presentation.......
God bless me...

chibi describe my condition~....

bye bye ol... 

Friday, November 25, 2011


previous entry bout d speaking cmpetition... now is d part II
I just receive d photos from our professional photographer! ^^ heee tq acap!!
"tanpa anda, gmbar sy xda" ^^

So friends! look those joyful moment!! ^^

"taklimat session" *Im nervous!

d name of participant dat passed to final round being called upon on stage..~ ^^

next day---FINAL round... UMP participants! ^^ ol of us go final ^^

contestant from UUM

contestant from Uniza

contestant from UTHM

contestant from UNIMap

contestant from UMP ^^

contestant from UMP ^^

Its ME!! ^^

if Im not mistake shes from UTEM

contestant from UMP ^^

contestant from UIAM

Announce d result! 1.UMP 2.UTHM 3.UIAM~

with all d final participants & lecturers~ don't u think im shining? heeeee! ^^

THE UMPians!! ^^ congrats to u'ol guys!!! ^^

Feels so good! ^^

too many photograpers until duno which 1 to look,... heee

UMPians,do feel proud boz we beat against others uni.... "we win"~~

Eat time after competition! ^^ UMP contestants...

Take memorial pic with d girls from various uni >,<

Credit to our photographer! ^^

"I will not forget this memory and may d organizer can consider to organize such event again" heeee!!
thank you!!! ^^


OK.. I think most of my friend know about this... is it? ^^
But many of u duno how is d process begin until end rite??
actually I really put a lot of efforts for this...

1st, we begin from UMP selection  before compete with others uni..
UMP selection on 16nov'11~
and all d participants from the Mandarin class except me.!
I take japannese class not mandrin~
so I feel a bit low confident about it
however,I keep follow d track.~ ^^

for those still duno, this competition for those *non-chinese*
and dont have any chinese school bckground ^^

after the ump selection on 16nov, they select d best 6 prticipants out of 15.
I'm in ^__^
Again, on 21nov, ump select d best 2!!
I'm in ^__^

however, got 1 uni suddenly cancel their participation,so ump send another 2prticipants..
means UMP send 4 representatives..~
I'm d only girl... heeeeee!! ^^

yeaa!! on 23Nov d participants from various uni come here for pre-liminary round.
Judges will choose d best 8 participants out of 16!

AND again I'm IN!! ^^

this photo taken after d pre-Final round selection.! 

U dunow how nervous I am when look at the other participants~

this is my fren..ajk for d competition.. do i look more protocol? ^^

OK! the next day 24NOV is  d final round...~
since they already know n look at my speech presentation during pre-Final..
so I decide to make some changes during FINAL.!!

u know what??
yeaa!! I SING A CHINESE SONG after d speech..
not the whole song, just a few verse. ^^

Guess what, my turn is d last one.~
means I have d chance to look at other contestant..
same when d pre-final selection, I'm d last contestant too..
i guess d last one is d lucky no.1 ^^

here I am!! ^^

take a photo together wit some of lecturers from China..

that day,I suddenly become famous than before.. haha...

I also shocked coz d other uni called my Name n ask to take pic...
shock becoz they "know" my name.~ waaaaa ^^

meet my fren, Zepher.. he got d consolation prize.. ^^ nice try bro!!

I guess God will give a good "luck" for those who put lots of effort in whatever they'r doin.~

this is wat i get. ^^

look.... my name!! ^^

to make sure d amount is correct, I count it again n again.. hahaha..

heeee ^^

with d "noisy + naughty" ajk fren.. hehe.. thnx to him coz he is d "TIME KEEPER" during competition!

d guy is d "pengarah program" thx for let me IN... ^^

I cant stop smiling for d whole day! ^^

today's news got me! heee ^^
look d guy beside me is from UIAM,no.3... d girl is from UTHM,no.2
d middle, u guess laa... ahahah UMP.. ^^
isn't d champion got d "aura look" as champion? hahahaha...
sorry for my over excited feeling!! =,=

I just want to share my happiness after I put my maximum effort for this..
I've missed many class just bcoz of dis..
i guess d result is more than enough to satisfied me!

*MOM, ur daughter can do it!!! *
my mom so so so happy to hear it ^__^

so that is how I've been through d competition after get through many stages..

once again, THX for those pray for me!!
THANK YOU!!! to my frens that teach me!! until one of them keep hit me coz i owez pronounce wrongly..
THANK YOU!! ^__^

Friday, November 11, 2011


these few days I hardly have mood to study..~
so I grab a pencil and create something on a piece of paper..
I admit I lack of many things but this is d only thing I can proud of myself. ^^
I Love my "hand"~
thx God for giving me such talent..~
psssttt wan to tell-ya, I got this talent from my DAD ^^
he can draw well too ;)

wanna show u something! ^^

i love my cookie monster pencil case heeeee ^^

u wanna look at my other collection??? ^^

U know this?? ^^

I love this ^^

for a better drawing, u can use pencil 8B >,<

there's a Technic how to draw faces... I learn it from books ^^

yeaaa... u'ol provide me with that ^^

my princess "cacat"

"dapur kampung" hahaha..

im lovin it... ! ^^

"Im sexy and I know it" heeeeeeeee ^^

ok2 enough with that laa.... actually i got d whole book to let u look at..
not to say im "show off" but just wan to share with my lovely readers..
anyone feel annoyed?? heee no no no... dont!..
im gonna make lots of collection..
and let my future generation look and keep it.
hahaha.. dats wat i hope for..

okie dokie...
gonna study!
errr... study?? hahaha ya yaa..
I still got 3 tests!!! 

take care babes..
Good Nite!! ^__^

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello my following lovely readers.~
hows ur day? great?? suffer?? bored??
some of my frens r vry happy coz they go bck hometown..
some of them r starving, craving for food...
some of  them r having dilemma in their life..
hahahhaha u know well la~

me? yerrr2.. dis sem break holiday, I just staying here..
cant go back "Sabah" n d most worst is...
I cant attend my sis's convo! 
its all b'coz of $$$..~ expnsive GOLD TICKET..

so just wanna share, Im having some fun for these few days.. ^^
where am I? somewhere on EARTH~

Eat with them~..

have fun~


if i can buy those!!! damn cute!~

we eat steamboat+BBQ buffet..~ ^^

ok2 enough with that..~
im kinda lazy to upload more due to "poor connection" now..
dear readers, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!
enjoy our short holiday coz after this, there'll be no Holiday until final exam..
hahaha!! bye2 peeps..~ ^__^
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