Friday, November 25, 2011


OK.. I think most of my friend know about this... is it? ^^
But many of u duno how is d process begin until end rite??
actually I really put a lot of efforts for this...

1st, we begin from UMP selection  before compete with others uni..
UMP selection on 16nov'11~
and all d participants from the Mandarin class except me.!
I take japannese class not mandrin~
so I feel a bit low confident about it
however,I keep follow d track.~ ^^

for those still duno, this competition for those *non-chinese*
and dont have any chinese school bckground ^^

after the ump selection on 16nov, they select d best 6 prticipants out of 15.
I'm in ^__^
Again, on 21nov, ump select d best 2!!
I'm in ^__^

however, got 1 uni suddenly cancel their participation,so ump send another 2prticipants..
means UMP send 4 representatives..~
I'm d only girl... heeeeee!! ^^

yeaa!! on 23Nov d participants from various uni come here for pre-liminary round.
Judges will choose d best 8 participants out of 16!

AND again I'm IN!! ^^

this photo taken after d pre-Final round selection.! 

U dunow how nervous I am when look at the other participants~

this is my fren..ajk for d competition.. do i look more protocol? ^^

OK! the next day 24NOV is  d final round...~
since they already know n look at my speech presentation during pre-Final..
so I decide to make some changes during FINAL.!!

u know what??
yeaa!! I SING A CHINESE SONG after d speech..
not the whole song, just a few verse. ^^

Guess what, my turn is d last one.~
means I have d chance to look at other contestant..
same when d pre-final selection, I'm d last contestant too..
i guess d last one is d lucky no.1 ^^

here I am!! ^^

take a photo together wit some of lecturers from China..

that day,I suddenly become famous than before.. haha...

I also shocked coz d other uni called my Name n ask to take pic...
shock becoz they "know" my name.~ waaaaa ^^

meet my fren, Zepher.. he got d consolation prize.. ^^ nice try bro!!

I guess God will give a good "luck" for those who put lots of effort in whatever they'r doin.~

this is wat i get. ^^

look.... my name!! ^^

to make sure d amount is correct, I count it again n again.. hahaha..

heeee ^^

with d "noisy + naughty" ajk fren.. hehe.. thnx to him coz he is d "TIME KEEPER" during competition!

d guy is d "pengarah program" thx for let me IN... ^^

I cant stop smiling for d whole day! ^^

today's news got me! heee ^^
look d guy beside me is from UIAM,no.3... d girl is from UTHM,no.2
d middle, u guess laa... ahahah UMP.. ^^
isn't d champion got d "aura look" as champion? hahahaha...
sorry for my over excited feeling!! =,=

I just want to share my happiness after I put my maximum effort for this..
I've missed many class just bcoz of dis..
i guess d result is more than enough to satisfied me!

*MOM, ur daughter can do it!!! *
my mom so so so happy to hear it ^__^

so that is how I've been through d competition after get through many stages..

once again, THX for those pray for me!!
THANK YOU!!! to my frens that teach me!! until one of them keep hit me coz i owez pronounce wrongly..
THANK YOU!! ^__^


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