Friday, November 25, 2011


previous entry bout d speaking cmpetition... now is d part II
I just receive d photos from our professional photographer! ^^ heee tq acap!!
"tanpa anda, gmbar sy xda" ^^

So friends! look those joyful moment!! ^^

"taklimat session" *Im nervous!

d name of participant dat passed to final round being called upon on stage..~ ^^

next day---FINAL round... UMP participants! ^^ ol of us go final ^^

contestant from UUM

contestant from Uniza

contestant from UTHM

contestant from UNIMap

contestant from UMP ^^

contestant from UMP ^^

Its ME!! ^^

if Im not mistake shes from UTEM

contestant from UMP ^^

contestant from UIAM

Announce d result! 1.UMP 2.UTHM 3.UIAM~

with all d final participants & lecturers~ don't u think im shining? heeeee! ^^

THE UMPians!! ^^ congrats to u'ol guys!!! ^^

Feels so good! ^^

too many photograpers until duno which 1 to look,... heee

UMPians,do feel proud boz we beat against others uni.... "we win"~~

Eat time after competition! ^^ UMP contestants...

Take memorial pic with d girls from various uni >,<

Credit to our photographer! ^^

"I will not forget this memory and may d organizer can consider to organize such event again" heeee!!
thank you!!! ^^


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