Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday, my friends and I were went out to celebrate the birthday girl
shes grow old ady..... >,<

Hope you happy with all the pranks.. hahaah

these are all my small family in Kuantan~ 

we also went for Karaoke! ^^

Believe me, my voice is not that terrible as what this guy described to u... hahaha

The BOYS sabotage me... look at d stick! 

Im the flower beggar.. heeeee

The BIRTHDAY girl that care MORE about her HUSH PUPPIES shirt than herself.

So, I push her to the ground and shes begging "OMG, my HUSH PUPPIES shirt" =,=

who was the pity girl?? me! me! "The guys did it to everyone, so did us." haaha

See! I revenge back....

DEAR READERS, this is not a violence entry~
and i want to report that there is no injury  during the day
we are all safe~ 

The tired face of me... that night i lost lots of energy bcoz im not feeling well...
seriously cant u  let me enjoy a bit?-sincerely diarrhea =,= 

thank God i was born in July..
why? heeeeee 
Think by yourself...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Youth Music Day

Last saturday, we had a concert event in church..~
i admit that im not a good girl that always involve in church activity..
but doesn't mean people who do not go to church weekly is a bad person, right?

From now on, i want actively involve in church thing..
luckily i got these friends who guide me ~
thx >,<

meet my friends.. from left: cynthia, rai, dominique, cynthia (ME) heee

with our master dance "carlos"....

my dance crew... without me.... 

from left: fiffy, diana, me.... >,<

OK! due to connection low, i'll stop here...
there are hundreds of photos with me but i cant show all...
d line damn slow.~ 
AND for this moment, the 'tortoise' WIN....

okie dokie bye~
take care,..

Monday, April 2, 2012


It feels good for us to escape from the busy schedule life right?
I wish i can escape from it, anytime i want...

This entry special for my mom/dad/sisters/brother
i wish we could spend time together >,<

ok a 'ice-creamHOLIC' like me will not miss d 31st day in a month... BR

goin to Korea~ kekeke.. i wish so.~ >,<

reminds me with the "stairway to heaven" drama..

beautiful pine tree..~

enough for today...
wait for part II  >,<
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