Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i promise u

i promise to be a goOd daughter
i promise to be a goOd friend
i promise to be a goOd girl

this is life~
let us love each other >,<
be happy as we still can do it..
wan to share a quote from a friend of mine.
" we always ignore d one who adore us"
and we care d one dat ignore us...

friend..~ stop it yaa~...
let us stop hurting each other >,<
*im not being emo k* haha

well im promise to b a good girl!
how bout u 'chingu'?
oww! bcoz i have a very 'good' mood u cn ask me anythng..
i'll answer it rightly..
(proper questn plz)

let us stop today's entry with a smile ^___^
' left few more days '


Monday, August 8, 2011

Switch to ums....

hey lovers, its monday...
8August2011, just left few weeks n i'll leave dis house..
grrr... huh? where i go??
go back ump!! 
grrrr.. too far from my hometown!
well,for d 1st time im thnking if i cn switch my uni to ums. heeeheee
its near!! hahahaha..
yeaa i know ums not welcoming me.. =(
*hey dont lazy! go back ump!!!

but wait!
let us imagine if ums is my destiny.
*imagine ok!

1) First!

have my own transportation! *gmbr hiasan* ^^


i can go back home anytime i want.! *see! its near ^__^


no need to worry bout hostel issue! >,<


"Back to the reality"

ok! hahaha im Umpians....
ump is not too bad! its only my problem: " too lazy "

well people! its d time for us to enjoy our life...
remember! we'r not FOREVERYOUNG....

Bear in your mind! ------>

and! d most important thing!!

'hope u get my messages' ^__^
enjoy your life while u still can!
appreciate every second in our life....

oh! want to share my future plan!
im waitin for my hair get longer and i will ruining my hair like dis..

hahaah! pssssttttt...

bubye! >,<

Saturday, August 6, 2011

d childish me....

just now i discover some web/tumblr/blog...
there r some pics dat catch my attention!
so i save it and i find out its all about d cutie things! >,<
ok! i am 20!! heee
and i dunoe why im fall in love wif d stuff like dis..

can anyone tell me,whre i cn find dis clourful socks?? ^^

where i cn find those cute bottles???? >,<

hey, i love d covers!! ^__^

i want this BIGgy bear!

its hard to find d various flavour of kit kat rite??

thats cute!! too cute to drink n__n

am i too old for dis?? hahaha....
for those who don't like 2 see those thing, close ur eyes.. heeee
"im childish?" hrmm..

isn't it lovely? ^__^

i want d paper clip! >,<

well,d most important news i would lke 2 share is:! 'i made myself fat"
hahaha... dats d highlight!
hey!!! stop eating too much!!
if d fat people cn bcom so skinny,why i cant??

do u know her?

kim sun ah in a drama "my name is kim sam soon"
shes fat rite??


 waoo waoo waoo.. unnie! fighting!

yes2! i can do it!
hahahaah look at dis kind of pic can motivate me a bit ^__^

ok! nitez peepss!
take care!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

I go crazy because of u...

yea! i go crazy bcoz of u!.
wat i mean is cheetah fashion/cheetah prints!
its gorgeous! fantastic! n i love it! grrrr....
im looking forward dis.....

im so in love!..

nomu nomu chua..~

even korean celebs r leopard lovers... ^^ heeeeee

cool oppa! >,<

i want Yoseob's bag!!! grrr..

giv me yr shoes,oppa!

find dis soon.~

they look sexy with d outfits! grrr


dont u think "leopard prints" is sexxy? wao

they agree wif me... wat bout u?? hee.!

ok! enough with d cheetahishhh things!..
gonna make collection soon.! 
nite peeps! >,<
 u'r d gorgeous + coolest ever... ^__^ V
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