Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i promise u

i promise to be a goOd daughter
i promise to be a goOd friend
i promise to be a goOd girl

this is life~
let us love each other >,<
be happy as we still can do it..
wan to share a quote from a friend of mine.
" we always ignore d one who adore us"
and we care d one dat ignore us...

friend..~ stop it yaa~...
let us stop hurting each other >,<
*im not being emo k* haha

well im promise to b a good girl!
how bout u 'chingu'?
oww! bcoz i have a very 'good' mood u cn ask me anythng..
i'll answer it rightly..
(proper questn plz)

let us stop today's entry with a smile ^___^
' left few more days '



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