Friday, September 30, 2011

I Cried At Public~

Today i've found out i dont get d scholarship~...
last time ump give d name list..
but now d status is : Fail!...
I cried at d restaurant when my friend told me so~ =,=
huk huk huk...

Next time plz give a clear infomation so people will not misunderstand it..
Im so frustrated more than being rejected by people~
(ow hati sy remuk2 suda~)

OK, i will work harder this time..~
(huuu last time i've mentioned i got schlarship!!)
omg.~ hey people I DONT GET IT =,=

poor liao..~

ok bye........~
nite =,=

Thursday, September 29, 2011


yep! this is d 3rd week im here (UMP) and im counting for holidays liao..
i heard there will be 4days holiday for "Deepavali" ^^
so i set for 10days holiday n go back hometown..~
however.... yesterday i went to BPA office n ask about d academic calendar
And this is d responds that they gave:

Me: "cuti deepavali suda confirm ka tu?"

She: "cuti deepavali xcnfirm lg,nnt ktorang kluarkn announcement..
sbab skrg ktorang bz dgn expoconvo,so U xyah pkir psal cuti dlu..
skrg ni U blaja je dlu"

Me: "OOOoowwww =_= ok "

omg..! hahahaha...
am i too excited for holiday or wat?

hurmm i  have 1 more problem..
d TOTAL of d tcket price almost 400...
omg! (teda mura lg ka ar) haixx

10days ooo~ enough 4 me to spend time with family.. errr
i miss home so badly ;(

 i miss my mom =,=

my beautiful mom works harder..

i miss to play "hug-hug" with my sis.. ngeeee ^^

Good luck for ur PMR dis coming MONDAY!!!

and of coz i miss my "Home Sweet Home"
if u go to my house,u'll find dis 'things' hanging on d wall so proudly ^^

hey! you, you, and you! ur face inside here ^__^
(banggala! sy gntung gmbar ko druma sy... byk yg tguk tu)

hurmm.. i guess i couldn't make it dis time rite...

nevermind laaa~~~

stay here!!

o,o ya.
ok then, take care ladies n gentlemen! >,<

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Nothing much to say..~
Im just happy to know that i've lost 2kg now..
ahhaha... the 1st week i came here,my total weight 52kg!
ok! this is d heaviest weight i ever had in my life...
means that i gained 3-4kg during holiday...
haiizz (so shame)
its more than enough to tell u that i've change in shape now..

i wonder why some of my friends r so skinny after cme back from holiday.
yesterday,i go 'timbang' n shocked a while...
d numbers appear: 50.17kg!
hahahaha... ok still heavy but i'll work harder,..

hurmm.. i think its bcoz i'm quit busy with my meeting schdule n dance practice.
and errrr.. for ur infomation, im d fattest one in my room..
all my rumates are skinny/slim..~
owh!! not to forget "currently, im d fattest one among my siblings"!!
thats why i always think bout this matter...
it can affect my 'academic performance" yaw....~ (yikes! ahhahahaha worst reason ever)

But still~ i will not skip my meals..!
i've learnt last 2sem,i always skip my meals n now im having a skin effect!
d bad skin ever~..... haixx...
let time heals everything. ^^

Ok! dats i have~..
p/s: now we'r having expoconvo carnival,here in UMP..
everyone can come here
why dont u drop by n give me a call, i'll treat u... ahahaha (not for UMPians)

p/s: good luck to my bestie Kiran for having account test tomorrow~ ^_^

Love u all x.o.x.o

Friday, September 23, 2011


This is my 2nd week at ump,and im totally exhausted..
settle down my "drop n add" subject...
ahhahha im happy that i had drop 1sbject bcoz.... ermmm.. huu... ^^
ok then, im busy with my faculty orgn. and with d dances"..
p/s: plz la krus after dis.. haizz..

im gonna stop dis things for a while and focus on my lectures..
gonna work harder at dis sem.!
"jia yo"!

Luckily i hav friends dat always 'bright' my day here in ump..~
thx guys.. "wo ai ni" "love u'ol" >,< (sincere laaa ni) hehe
'love me or not? aiyerrr....~~

thx to mum bcoz she always remind me to eat my supplement vits. ^^

ok,bye then..
gonna settle down my assgnmnts >,<
take care n__n

Saturday, September 17, 2011


hey hey beautiful girls n handsome boy...
how ur day? hopefully ur enjoying wat u'r doin.. >,<
just want to share bout wat i did last nite

Im involve in performing dnce last nite~..
I just prctice bout 1day n half..
luckily i manage to catch-up!

And I got KADAZAN costume.. heeee proud @__@

Let d photos tell u evrythin' ----->

totally Sweatin a lot after pform~ omygodd...

Meet d SAbahan dancers... sky n syaza.. they'r gorgeous! >,<

With our 'Pengurus Besar".. OK!!! my face very oily.. yewww~

d pic dat i get not really clear,.. heee sory..

They did a gud job! even some of them r their 1st time join dis group..

hahahaha.... dun leave ur comment...
ok im fat.. gonna keep fir after dis.. heeee

OK!! enough with d pics.....
although i feel very tired but still can enjoy.~
Good Job GIRLS! >,<

well peeps... gud nite!
gonna sleep,tmrow go to church. ^^
special speech for my "Team FITTNESS FATNESS UMP" haahaha..
: sory tmorw cant join u'ol go our PM Najib's open house...
heheheh enjoy!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Life Just Begin..~

ok! i hav a killer schdule (not too killer) haha i guess
im gonna take dis sem seriously! (oh yeah? >,<)
coz,im taking 19crdt hrs~
wait! u dun simply think dat im a smart student just bcoz d crdt hrs state like dat ^^
mon-thu: class start 8am! (i hate wake up early)
and most of d class end up until 4pm n 6pm.~
ok i still cn handle it.
but! i hav A class on Friday!~ 4pm-6pm..


huk huk huk.~
after dis im gonna cut my activities n cncntrate more 2 study..
cehh!!! hahaahah!!

Im gonna be strong~like d gorilaa.. hee
if u'r in a same condition like me, no nid to worry..~
still got our friend rite..
still rmbber my dad's quote : Do d Best,Be d Best,Get d Best~

Let us suffer for 4months only!
hopefully dis sem gonna b awsome! haha
Awsome for me,n same goes to u~

gonna stop here,later i got meeting at 8pm..
yea,my uni lifestyle! bz wif d meeting/assgnment/ n so on..

take care to u'olz 6_6 :
family,friends,n to u too ahjushi... hahaah


Sunday, September 11, 2011


ok! september 11...
d day i go back uni....
fly from KK early in d morning..
i still remember d last HUG wif my mom dis morning.~
time pass so fast! it seems like jus a few minutes i meet dat lady..

d KKIA scenery dis morning! whaaa i love it!

BUT! after 2hrs 30mins!~
im at sumwhere else on dis earth..


huk huk huk... ;(

after taking mnrail + bus..
finally! i reach d place where i used 2 study~


thx god coz im arrive safely ^^
'mum dad ur daughter save here' MISS U~

and! take a look my room..

after clean..~

and now im tired + sad + homesick + blur2..~
luckily my class start at 2pm tmrow!
gonna refresh my brain again..coz im a idiot now.
start from d beginning after 4months din touch books!!

im gonna take dis things seriously already coz im a SENIOR now!
haha.. ol d juniors r taller!!
i guess kids now a day r getting taller n taller..
im d shortest 1 like no one notice im a senior.
hey junior, dun treat me like dat ya.. heeee!
u'r lucky having a senior like me n___n hee

ok peeps! nite ol! gonna rest after dis.
 p/s: mum i miss u!! dis mnink i fall asleep in d bus,i dreamt bout u..
huhuhhu >,< 
take care ols! coz i care bout u!

'ahjushi' welcum back too.. stdy hard, gambate.! haha


"Report from hostel C8-1-05 Uni Maly Pahang."


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


hello ladies n gentleman! >,<
hope u'ol fine n_n
havent pack my things! pretend like nothins gonna happen.~
im gonna pack d whole things!

*if only i can bring d entire house.*

well! i got d scholarship! thx god.! >,<
money money money $$$
heee ;)

well i think after dis my lil sis wil aim me..~
'buy sophie kinsella's books 4 me'
whos dat sophie kinsella?? i don hav any idea. haha

huuu.! can u keep a secret!?? if u can,i'll tell u mine... >,<
do i????? haha

i tell u some! ----->

ok peeps! im sleepy now..tired n sick with d priod cramps!!! (its gettin worst)
any news jus roger2 my num..
'u know where 2 find me' heeee

even if u'r sick but don fget to smile..

'treasure ur time'

bye ols! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011


'i don wan go bac'
SEPTEMBER 11 plz b slow down...

yeaa ladies n gentleman im off to Gambang on sept11..
any inquiries plz ask me a.s.a.p

i might leaving soon... very soon..... ergg
i'll b back on JANUARY 2012 >,<

4MONTHS holiday is almost over!
Cinderella must return to her place >,<

tik tok tik tok...~ times running...
hey u! yes! i mean u! 
"do u miss me?
heeee miss-ya

ok! dats ol..
bye peeps.... kinda lazy...

"lots of love : Queen Cynthia" >,<

"d nex sunday i'll find my body at sumwhre else on dis earth"

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