Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its Saturday!

its Saturday..~ usually its a boring DAY..
but today im quit active!
morning, mamy dgn sy pgi kbun swit.. im exhausted.. +_+
aftrnoon, relaxx timee! heeee n__n
5PM i go outsde house 4 planting.. my mum ask me 2 plant sumting..
and again..... im exhausted +__+
"uikk pnat baa tuu"

look!! im doin dis alone... heee

wellll.. im sweating!!!! good 4 health..hehehe...
uh? u dunow wat is dat???? really??
dat is not veg'tbles yaa... peeeppsssss....
itss: " oil palm tree"
p/s: grow faster my lovely tree..... 

hey, we do hav fishpond... heeee.. after plant'ng, gve d fshes eat..
take a look at dis! >,<

still small (baby) heheee... d other side?????


got 4 fishes but only dis i manage 2 cpture.. >,<

hahahaaa.... r u curious 2 know how i live in here??
nver reveal my house ever,even wif my old schoolmate!
'kamu xpena dtg ruma sy d kudat kn?' heeeehee..
bfore dis i live in a town named Lahad Datu for 18yrs, but now currently live in Kudat...
heeeee is it comlicated? nope!! >,<

tadaa!!! but at d down side still under renovation...

heee sorry 4 d "clothes" "refrigerator" "tyre"....
well, its 80% done... after dis im gonna paint it!!! heeee ^__^
my frens... feel free 2 come.. hehe...
don worry,hav room 4 u >,<
we hav 7rums,2ktchen,3toilets,2l'ving rums....
enough 4 u! ^__^

p/s: but i hav 2 clean it 1st.. hahhaha..

well well well, reveal yours! hehe.. >,<
p/s: gotta go,jus got fon call from mum n ask me to take d woods from d car!
"if i were a boy" it cn be an easy task..~

imma strong gal... n_n
nitezz.. take care!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


i just found out dis pic on my fren's wall..
i was like: eeuuuwwww! omg...
d dscription is in chinese,so i ask my fren to explain.. heee...
dear readers,dont always use your contact lens!
better u clean yr eyes after use, or more safer if u no need to wear... hee >,<

im telling u dis b'coz i CARE @__@

well, as u know cntact lens r easy to get infection...

look at d worm.. errr.....
so b careful yaa... >,< hygiene is important
love our eyes! without it,we cannot see d people that we love so mucchhhh!
'we share,we care' 
nitez peeps..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Im not a profesisonal driver yet~

waoo3x..... my mum wake me up early in d morning bfore she off to work... 6.15am... >,<
last nite i sleep at 12 then wke up so early (for me 7am n below is early ehhehe)..  gud!
why?? mamy suru sy hntr kreta tmpt uncle utk angkt sawit.... ooOOo...
ok! then,i go there but nobody's home!
omg... how lae?? how?? whos gonna send it?
cepat2 i call my mum,then she said : "ba,klu bgtu kmu la yg hntr"
me: ar? hahahah.. baa~..
without any experience, i'll drive d car yg pnuh sawit utk d jual.. ok2....
nervous a lil bit! bukn sbb tu sawit,... but sy nrvous mo naik 2 bukit dgn muatan yg byk+berat lg...
 errr... >,<
hahaaha ben dan oo...

now let d photos tell d story~....

i try 2 put dis fruit! hey actually i can do it.. jus action only.. hahah

owh plz don laugh at dis crazy gal.. heee

and her too.. ahhaha

owh yeaa! luckily arrive safely.. hhaha..

bukit itu pass jg! haahah... vroomm vromm!! (d sound)
hahahaa, well im still P baa.~
wat a lucky day, as soon as i reach d place..... d police traffic pass by!! haahahah
fuuhhh! thx God heeee ^__^
*sy lah petani bjaya*
hahahaha but next time,i still hesitate whether wan 2 do it or not,. heee
maybe d 2nd time i'll get caught...
dear police: im sorry >,< heeeee

"nothings impossible"

i break da rules...

A note for you.....

dear readers: take care! >,<
heeeee.... i posting a new post jus wan 2 say dis... ^__^

"Someone should sue disney for making every little girl believe that they have a prince charming"

haha..i oso use to believe dat once upon a time...
dear girls out there, just believe in yourself k! fighting! >,<

errr.!! suddenly my tummy crying n ask for FOOD!
my tummy ask for ice-cream! omg.. whre i can find ice-cream rite now o..
hey people! i can finish d ice-cream immidiately! hahahaa....
*try me..~ hahaha

cannot eat u now,jus can see through pic... huuuu....

ok! before my tummy go crazy,better im off to bed.! 
baby,good night! >,<

Monday, July 25, 2011

i got my new L.O.V.E~~ heeee

yaaa...yesss...yuppp.. yeezzaa! i got a new love... ngeee
am i happy??? 4 sure im hepy >,< hahaha.. hey love,i will take care of u k ^^
*only death can separate us* waasehhh... hahahahha
let me show u my new L.O.V.E!!

tadaaa..dis is my new love.. heeee.. *pa yg kmu pkir oo*

act,sy bru beli lappy last feb ba tapi dady bawa pg pontianak.. soOo... he said: 'u giv me urs,n u buy anothr'
and i was like.. Ooo,ok... >,<
i bought dis yesterday..ehh! my mom bought.. sorry >,<
yestrday my mum tba2 bwa pg kk ni,so sy ikut laa. we go sanaaaaa karamunsing...hahaha
*sepa2 kwn sy yg d kramnsing kmrin,klu tda nmpk sy,rugila ko*heeee im kidding ba..

have some fun yesterday, we had our dinner 2gether~ >,<

i was laughing like a crazy girl at d rstaurnt! n my sis take a candid pic..... 
(yg bju puti 2 adik oow)
and suddenly my lil sis yg d ruma (tinggal) tuu, kol..... 

me: Nǐ xiǎngniàn wǒ ma?
my sis: bu.....
me: erghhhhhhh......

lalalala actually i know she missssss me..hehehe...
i was planning to call my dear bestie KIRAN SANDHU,ask her to join us... 
but due to our condition,i hav 2 cncel d plan..
right after we had our dinner, *gastrik/msuk angin* sy tba2 mlanda...
mamy oso had a headache,so we go back home n sleep. zzzzZZzzzz~~......
perhaps,next month ok dear? >,<

oow yeah, 1 more thing.. thx to my bestie kaly.. she did sumting sweet on my b'day >,<

i love yr desktop bckground >,< 

thx for dis dear! i love it! cant wait 4 septmber..~ heeee

thx for those people who care bout me so much,if u care bout me,i care MORE bout u..
if u love me,i love u even MORE!
thx 4 my fam/fren~ love u'ol so much! >,< muaahhhx

"The sky isn't always blue.. The sun doesn't always shine.. So it's okay to fall apart sometimes."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Im offically 20th yrs.~

waaaaa! >,< cant believe im 20th yrs!! ermmm.. should i happy wit d numbr???
hahhaha.. i should... thx god coz im still cn live until today... >,<
transformation from teen- age to ty-age... 

after all, i am 20! thx god...

thx 4 my mom (Roslind Addek), 22Jul,d day shes struggled to give birth a baby girl (2.9kg) >,<
wan 2 tell u'ol..dis morning she wke me up wif d Birthday song!! my mom is awsome....
i tot she dun rmmber my b'day.! well,i guess a mother knows well ^^
*oma, luv u*

last nite i sleep early! n sory to Ting Yien Fang coz she called me las nite but i din answr!
tq! and wan to tell u.. u're d first person wish me.. >,< (even i hope u're not d 1st one) heheheheh
don get angry dear,IF im lesbian,i'll choose u.. but unfortunately IM NOT!  hehe
but still i love u.. hee...
thx to my dear frens 4 d wishes on my fb wall...
d only day which i rceive lots of comment on wall.. *mbuatkn dri ni bgtu b'harga* Luv u'ol
and.. d worse thing hppen on yr b'day is when u wait for dis 1 Wish but d result is..... nothin'
yea yeaa... luckly i sleep early las nite kan?if not tunggu mcm kayu.... hahaah paboooO me..
smile~ (@____@)

tq to Bybee cheetOoOO (my cuzy) for d cute sweet *biggy eyes*

waaa how i wish 22jul wil nver end... hav 2 wait nex yer! >,< hope 2 see u soon ya july ^^
today,nothin dffrence, jus d age 19 turns to 20.!
oow!! mom dad ur princess grow up so fast.. >,< im proud 2 be ur daughter heee
ow ya,t'day sy jus draw sumtin... hahah *on sory sb guna colour pen ko*

d combination of pen+colour pen.. heee

*lpas sy lukis2,i go sleep d petang hari* coz ni ari hujaannnnn seja~ dingin~ osogit~sejuk! >,<
haha! now oso i feel very cold... *kaki sjuk mcm mayat hdup*
(yeaa yeaa lusa my dad pnya b'Day) 24jul >,< heee gonna call u soon dad ^^

yup! once again thankQ for d wishes my dear fren! >,<
*make a wish* ~ I wish all of us will live happily ever after >,<

smile! *KLIK!!* let us keep dis memory 2gether >,<

dear fren yg jauh: i wish we cud clebrate 2gether nex time! 
bye ols... sayonara (@___@) v

"Just because we don't talk anymore, doesn't mean that I don't care about you any less than I did before.".....~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


ssshhhh...~ >,<

today so tired..~ why?? why?? whyy!!?? 'ok2... i'll tell 1 by 1... heeee
actually not only today but everyday i feel a bit tired only.. not extremely tired... haha ^^
this month i'll set a target toooo...~ tooo to to to ................... reduce d fat. ngeee~ >,<
ya! im fat.. oopss! no no... im tired to hear such answer : "tya!mna da ko gmuk ni" "tdak! tipu ja"
grrrr... is it jus to comfort me or wat... im fatter than bfore.. yup! mybe dat makes a sense..
"fatter than before" yaaa!.. hahaha sad, frustrated,disappointed..~

well,its my fault.. 'who ask u to eat a lot'? grrrr.... ok at least i can prove dat my parents do their job, rite?
but! d problem is...... i can't use my shirts/pants anymore... berghhhh..!
eeyy?? so? wats up wif d tiredness????
ok~! im tired bcoz im excercising at d eve'ning n night....
im doin dis about 1week ady and yeaaa,i need moral support! hahaha >,<
4.30pm: go downstair n skpping bout 3000x (dats d target but tday i only cn do 1700)
well! actually i can reach to 2000x but suddenly got visitors come!
yeaaa for sure i'll stop.. kekkekeke (shy)
im quit shy when strangers come to my house,n quickly hide myself..

hahahaa... y im hiding?? ermmm... dunow... if u'r not blieve me,go ask my mum.. ahhaha
if u'r a stranger 4 me,then mayB u'll say "sombong ni budak"
huhuhu don judge d book by its cover.. actually im crazy...
'super duper crazy'..
consider lucky who knows.. heee >,<
ok back 2 d story...! at night i'll do sit-up bfore sleep..
hhahahaha my sis help me to hold my leg....
huh,its quit difficult!! huhh... n after dis i'll do it.. huhhh
'klu x krus ni,xtau laa~' haixxx....

ok,as long as im happy wif my life..its alright~
stay cute dear readers,im happy "as long as u love me"
"i dont care who u r,whre u'r from,wat u did,as long as u love me" (backstreet boys)
heheehhe >,< okie dokie nite'ol... hav a nice dream n god bless u ^^

peace @_@v muachhx...

"Truth is, you're not the only one in this universe. But you're the only one that matters"

Monday, July 18, 2011

hello love~ ^_^ 
hey hey hey..some of my friend wan 2 see my monkey hair..hahhaaha~
*well luckily d hair not fully brown,still got black clour at some part..* if not! im a sister of monkey....
laughing or smiling is not allow when u look at d next pic yaa... heeeehe >,<
hey love,even i dont like d colour but i still dont wan to dye in black at dis moment....
nope nope.... *rosak rmbut nnti ooo* omg
"biarla sy buruk ka, bida ka...its my hair yyaaa" hehehhe >,<
my hair is getting longer dy,n i don think i wan to cut it again after dis....
*well bfore dis my friend cut my precious hair just becoz SHE want to try*
while shes cutting my hair,i asked her: 'how many times u cut other's hair???
without any worries,she replied: "well,u're d lucky no.1~!!
suddenly i get mini heart attack to hear such answer...! yoooo....... its wawa.. >,<
but luckily its pretty awsome.. (wawa,i think bcoz of my face,d hair looks gorgeous)heeeeheh ^^
well love,don get angry ya.. ngeee....
now here some view for u.... taken when i fetch my sis frm school~.....
yerrrr...omg.. hahahaha
quickly take out my hp and snap a pic bfore d kids come out... hahhahahah.... ben dan oo..

bcome a lil soldier a while.. ngeee ^^

yerr luckily no one watching us while snap a photo.. Klik! hahaha...
i force my sis 2 do dis.kkekekeek.. well im a gud sister,rite? heheeh >,<
well love! don laugh, no smile, don cry~ heee
here i wan to share some quotes 2 u >,<
"I'm like a book, don't judge me by cover. Read me page by page, cause only then you will find out what I'm all about."

i love 2 read quotes n more fun if can share wit u ol my dear.. ^^
let me stop here,until we meet again.. dadaaa~
@_@v sayonara ~..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Mistake....~

today,i made a mistake.. i don expect dis thing to happen.~ yerrr.....
its my mistake.. what?? what???

dis morning i dyed my hair.. yaa oo.. dgn hrapan d colour turns like dark brown..
yes~! i say DARK.... ok... yerrrrr.....huhuhuhu...
lepas siap dye,i wait bout 3hrs..rasanya 3 tuu kali... =,=
n then sy pg mandi! cuci! yup! after finish,i direct go get d mirror...
1,2,3! omg!!! nooooo >,<
dis gonna b a turns bright n d colour almost like red but still a brown. (mmm do u get it?hahha)
ow no..ow no.... mcmna sy mo jumpa org...
grrrr i do look like an "org utan"
*i don dare to take a pic for now coz i lOve u all,i don want u get heart attack* heeee ^^
ok!, sy bg gambaran mcmna tu colour...
its like dis.... 
'hey for sure dis girl look pretty wit d hair >,<" but not me,,"

hahahahahah!! right after i look at d mirror..i was thinking if no one like me anymore..
"how do i look?", "wat if they hate me?", "if im bcum andartu"
adedee.... thinking too much bcoz of d hair...
huuuuu,i don expect d clour turns lke dis.. i wan DARK brown baaa....
ow! pa ble buat la, nasib ko la tya....... 
"berani buat,berani tanggung"..~ hahahahaaa
nvm, without any worries, if u laugh in front of me..its ok! i'll pretend i din see it ok.. ^^
but..will u ever meet me again? hehehehe.... i'll play hide n seek wif u.. ><
no matter how ugly u r,we must hav confidence! yeaaa2....
"baa... modop po" ----> maksud: tidur dulu ^^
*nitezz dear, i LoVe u'ol*  

"It's your choice to go.. But when you decide to come back, don't expect things will ever be the same. "

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a mother wannabe..?

"i hate that mini heart attack u get when someone says - 'OH! i heard
something about u!"
yerrrr...~ >,< (plz dont do like dis 2 me)

a mother wannabe?? hahaha
yesterday kan,me n my sis(christy) play a joke "how do i look if im pregnant?"
omg, dont misunderstand ya, its just a joke....
i do post d pic on my fb fren's wall "ting esther"
its pretty damn cool (i think) hehehe....
"ba sy kasi tguk kmu aaa" ahahaha

p/s: d girl is not my daughter yaa...

dis pic was taken at my house...."kg.pakuh matunggong Kudat"
yeaaa im movin here n i miss LD sometimes...
dear fren: plz dont 4get me >,<

psssttt 22jul is coming~ that girl turns 20th!
but a marriage in a early age not in my plan..
never...... ^^
(mom,sorry for making such joke in dis photo)

yeaa! 'tiap2 hari buat benda sma"
over and over again....
"wake up,do housework,cook, fetch sis/bro"
dear fren:i din go for working,??? hey,dis is my JOB ^^
i need to do dis for another 1month++....
but i love my hometown ^^
"there's nothing better only u" (kara-jumping) hehehe
(ting esther,u might think i even cnnot move d car a bit!!)
well dis pic might prove... haha..
d school bckground~......

meet my beautiful princess~......
they'r lovely..... ^^

*until we meet again* lots of love -cynthia-

"Goodbyes will hurt, pictures never replace being there, memories - good or bad, bring tears and words can never replace those feelings."

Testing2... 1 2 3......

its me! cynthia >,<
bored of fb, twitter,4sq.. y not i try blogging....~ hahahaa
testing 1 2 3.!!
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