Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its Saturday!

its Saturday..~ usually its a boring DAY..
but today im quit active!
morning, mamy dgn sy pgi kbun swit.. im exhausted.. +_+
aftrnoon, relaxx timee! heeee n__n
5PM i go outsde house 4 planting.. my mum ask me 2 plant sumting..
and again..... im exhausted +__+
"uikk pnat baa tuu"

look!! im doin dis alone... heee

wellll.. im sweating!!!! good 4 health..hehehe...
uh? u dunow wat is dat???? really??
dat is not veg'tbles yaa... peeeppsssss....
itss: " oil palm tree"
p/s: grow faster my lovely tree..... 

hey, we do hav fishpond... heeee.. after plant'ng, gve d fshes eat..
take a look at dis! >,<

still small (baby) heheee... d other side?????


got 4 fishes but only dis i manage 2 cpture.. >,<

hahahaaa.... r u curious 2 know how i live in here??
nver reveal my house ever,even wif my old schoolmate!
'kamu xpena dtg ruma sy d kudat kn?' heeeehee..
bfore dis i live in a town named Lahad Datu for 18yrs, but now currently live in Kudat...
heeeee is it comlicated? nope!! >,<

tadaa!!! but at d down side still under renovation...

heee sorry 4 d "clothes" "refrigerator" "tyre"....
well, its 80% done... after dis im gonna paint it!!! heeee ^__^
my frens... feel free 2 come.. hehe...
don worry,hav room 4 u >,<
we hav 7rums,2ktchen,3toilets,2l'ving rums....
enough 4 u! ^__^

p/s: but i hav 2 clean it 1st.. hahhaha..

well well well, reveal yours! hehe.. >,<
p/s: gotta go,jus got fon call from mum n ask me to take d woods from d car!
"if i were a boy" it cn be an easy task..~

imma strong gal... n_n
nitezz.. take care!


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