Tuesday, July 19, 2011


ssshhhh...~ >,<

today so tired..~ why?? why?? whyy!!?? 'ok2... i'll tell 1 by 1... heeee
actually not only today but everyday i feel a bit tired only.. not extremely tired... haha ^^
this month i'll set a target toooo...~ tooo to to to ................... reduce d fat. ngeee~ >,<
ya! im fat.. oopss! no no... im tired to hear such answer : "tya!mna da ko gmuk ni" "tdak! tipu ja"
grrrr... is it jus to comfort me or wat... im fatter than bfore.. yup! mybe dat makes a sense..
"fatter than before" yaaa!.. hahaha

huuu..so sad, frustrated,disappointed..~

well,its my fault.. 'who ask u to eat a lot'? grrrr.... ok at least i can prove dat my parents do their job, rite?
but! d problem is...... i can't use my shirts/pants anymore... berghhhh..!
eeyy?? so? wats up wif d tiredness????
ok~! im tired bcoz im excercising at d eve'ning n night....
im doin dis about 1week ady and yeaaa,i need moral support! hahaha >,<
4.30pm: go downstair n skpping bout 3000x (dats d target but tday i only cn do 1700)
well! actually i can reach to 2000x but suddenly got visitors come!
yeaaa for sure i'll stop.. kekkekeke (shy)
im quit shy when strangers come to my house,n quickly hide myself..

hahahaa... y im hiding?? ermmm... dunow... if u'r not blieve me,go ask my mum.. ahhaha
if u'r a stranger 4 me,then mayB u'll say "sombong ni budak"
huhuhu don judge d book by its cover.. actually im crazy...
'super duper crazy'..
consider lucky who knows.. heee >,<
ok back 2 d story...! at night i'll do sit-up bfore sleep..
hhahahaha my sis help me to hold my leg....
huh,its quit difficult!! huhh... n after dis i'll do it.. huhhh
'klu x krus ni,xtau laa~' haixxx....

ok,as long as im happy wif my life..its alright~
stay cute dear readers,im happy "as long as u love me"
"i dont care who u r,whre u'r from,wat u did,as long as u love me" (backstreet boys)
heheehhe >,< okie dokie nite'ol... hav a nice dream n god bless u ^^

peace @_@v muachhx...

"Truth is, you're not the only one in this universe. But you're the only one that matters"


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