Friday, July 22, 2011

Im offically 20th yrs.~

waaaaa! >,< cant believe im 20th yrs!! ermmm.. should i happy wit d numbr???
hahhaha.. i should... thx god coz im still cn live until today... >,<
transformation from teen- age to ty-age... 

after all, i am 20! thx god...

thx 4 my mom (Roslind Addek), 22Jul,d day shes struggled to give birth a baby girl (2.9kg) >,<
wan 2 tell u'ol..dis morning she wke me up wif d Birthday song!! my mom is awsome....
i tot she dun rmmber my b'day.! well,i guess a mother knows well ^^
*oma, luv u*

last nite i sleep early! n sory to Ting Yien Fang coz she called me las nite but i din answr!
tq! and wan to tell u.. u're d first person wish me.. >,< (even i hope u're not d 1st one) heheheheh
don get angry dear,IF im lesbian,i'll choose u.. but unfortunately IM NOT!  hehe
but still i love u.. hee...
thx to my dear frens 4 d wishes on my fb wall...
d only day which i rceive lots of comment on wall.. *mbuatkn dri ni bgtu b'harga* Luv u'ol
and.. d worse thing hppen on yr b'day is when u wait for dis 1 Wish but d result is..... nothin'
yea yeaa... luckly i sleep early las nite kan?if not tunggu mcm kayu.... hahaah paboooO me..
smile~ (@____@)

tq to Bybee cheetOoOO (my cuzy) for d cute sweet *biggy eyes*

waaa how i wish 22jul wil nver end... hav 2 wait nex yer! >,< hope 2 see u soon ya july ^^
today,nothin dffrence, jus d age 19 turns to 20.!
oow!! mom dad ur princess grow up so fast.. >,< im proud 2 be ur daughter heee
ow ya,t'day sy jus draw sumtin... hahah *on sory sb guna colour pen ko*

d combination of pen+colour pen.. heee

*lpas sy lukis2,i go sleep d petang hari* coz ni ari hujaannnnn seja~ dingin~ osogit~sejuk! >,<
haha! now oso i feel very cold... *kaki sjuk mcm mayat hdup*
(yeaa yeaa lusa my dad pnya b'Day) 24jul >,< heee gonna call u soon dad ^^

yup! once again thankQ for d wishes my dear fren! >,<
*make a wish* ~ I wish all of us will live happily ever after >,<

smile! *KLIK!!* let us keep dis memory 2gether >,<

dear fren yg jauh: i wish we cud clebrate 2gether nex time! 
bye ols... sayonara (@___@) v

"Just because we don't talk anymore, doesn't mean that I don't care about you any less than I did before.".....~


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