Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A note for you.....

dear readers: take care! >,<
heeeee.... i posting a new post jus wan 2 say dis... ^__^

"Someone should sue disney for making every little girl believe that they have a prince charming"

haha..i oso use to believe dat once upon a time...
dear girls out there, just believe in yourself k! fighting! >,<

errr.!! suddenly my tummy crying n ask for FOOD!
my tummy ask for ice-cream! omg.. whre i can find ice-cream rite now o..
hey people! i can finish d ice-cream immidiately! hahahaa....
*try me..~ hahaha

cannot eat u now,jus can see through pic... huuuu....

ok! before my tummy go crazy,better im off to bed.! 
baby,good night! >,<


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