Thursday, July 14, 2011

a mother wannabe..?

"i hate that mini heart attack u get when someone says - 'OH! i heard
something about u!"
yerrrr...~ >,< (plz dont do like dis 2 me)

a mother wannabe?? hahaha
yesterday kan,me n my sis(christy) play a joke "how do i look if im pregnant?"
omg, dont misunderstand ya, its just a joke....
i do post d pic on my fb fren's wall "ting esther"
its pretty damn cool (i think) hehehe....
"ba sy kasi tguk kmu aaa" ahahaha

p/s: d girl is not my daughter yaa...

dis pic was taken at my house...."kg.pakuh matunggong Kudat"
yeaaa im movin here n i miss LD sometimes...
dear fren: plz dont 4get me >,<

psssttt 22jul is coming~ that girl turns 20th!
but a marriage in a early age not in my plan..
never...... ^^
(mom,sorry for making such joke in dis photo)

yeaa! 'tiap2 hari buat benda sma"
over and over again....
"wake up,do housework,cook, fetch sis/bro"
dear fren:i din go for working,??? hey,dis is my JOB ^^
i need to do dis for another 1month++....
but i love my hometown ^^
"there's nothing better only u" (kara-jumping) hehehe
(ting esther,u might think i even cnnot move d car a bit!!)
well dis pic might prove... haha..
d school bckground~......

meet my beautiful princess~......
they'r lovely..... ^^

*until we meet again* lots of love -cynthia-

"Goodbyes will hurt, pictures never replace being there, memories - good or bad, bring tears and words can never replace those feelings."


  1. mommy cyn =)
    nice song roly ply ^^

  2. muahahahaha, cyn! bhaya gmbr mgandung tuh. muahahaha. aigooo~~~jelesnya boleh bawa keta..cyn! bawa aq jalan2!!~~~~~>_<

  3. nad thx....
    kaly,heee prgnant later2.... ba! next tme kta jln =3

  4. hahahhaha...... cyn, i dak dpt imagine ni rupa mngadung... ekekekek... misz u!! dtg ld klu ada msa.. ngee~~


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