Monday, July 25, 2011

i got my new L.O.V.E~~ heeee

yaaa...yesss...yuppp.. yeezzaa! i got a new love... ngeee
am i happy??? 4 sure im hepy >,< hahaha.. hey love,i will take care of u k ^^
*only death can separate us* waasehhh... hahahahha
let me show u my new L.O.V.E!!

tadaaa..dis is my new love.. heeee.. *pa yg kmu pkir oo*

act,sy bru beli lappy last feb ba tapi dady bawa pg pontianak.. soOo... he said: 'u giv me urs,n u buy anothr'
and i was like.. Ooo,ok... >,<
i bought dis yesterday..ehh! my mom bought.. sorry >,<
yestrday my mum tba2 bwa pg kk ni,so sy ikut laa. we go sanaaaaa karamunsing...hahaha
*sepa2 kwn sy yg d kramnsing kmrin,klu tda nmpk sy,rugila ko*heeee im kidding ba..

have some fun yesterday, we had our dinner 2gether~ >,<

i was laughing like a crazy girl at d rstaurnt! n my sis take a candid pic..... 
(yg bju puti 2 adik oow)
and suddenly my lil sis yg d ruma (tinggal) tuu, kol..... 

me: Nǐ xiǎngniàn wǒ ma?
my sis: bu.....
me: erghhhhhhh......

lalalala actually i know she missssss me..hehehe...
i was planning to call my dear bestie KIRAN SANDHU,ask her to join us... 
but due to our condition,i hav 2 cncel d plan..
right after we had our dinner, *gastrik/msuk angin* sy tba2 mlanda...
mamy oso had a headache,so we go back home n sleep. zzzzZZzzzz~~......
perhaps,next month ok dear? >,<

oow yeah, 1 more thing.. thx to my bestie kaly.. she did sumting sweet on my b'day >,<

i love yr desktop bckground >,< 

thx for dis dear! i love it! cant wait 4 septmber..~ heeee

thx for those people who care bout me so much,if u care bout me,i care MORE bout u..
if u love me,i love u even MORE!
thx 4 my fam/fren~ love u'ol so much! >,< muaahhhx

"The sky isn't always blue.. The sun doesn't always shine.. So it's okay to fall apart sometimes."


  1. saya suka baru n i love my desktop background tooo~~~~kyaaa~~~>_<.

  2. eyh~~~~kali ke2 tengok putih ka putih tu cyn??apa2 lah yang pntg mmg comel~~~~vaio~~~wuaaa laptop impian~~~;)

  3. puti laa dear.. kira2 mo bli yg pink tp mahall skali.. hahaha...


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