Monday, July 18, 2011

hello love~ ^_^ 
hey hey hey..some of my friend wan 2 see my monkey hair..hahhaaha~
*well luckily d hair not fully brown,still got black clour at some part..* if not! im a sister of monkey....
laughing or smiling is not allow when u look at d next pic yaa... heeeehe >,<
hey love,even i dont like d colour but i still dont wan to dye in black at dis moment....
nope nope.... *rosak rmbut nnti ooo* omg
"biarla sy buruk ka, bida ka...its my hair yyaaa" hehehhe >,<
my hair is getting longer dy,n i don think i wan to cut it again after dis....
*well bfore dis my friend cut my precious hair just becoz SHE want to try*
while shes cutting my hair,i asked her: 'how many times u cut other's hair???
without any worries,she replied: "well,u're d lucky no.1~!!
suddenly i get mini heart attack to hear such answer...! yoooo....... its wawa.. >,<
but luckily its pretty awsome.. (wawa,i think bcoz of my face,d hair looks gorgeous)heeeeheh ^^
well love,don get angry ya.. ngeee....
now here some view for u.... taken when i fetch my sis frm school~.....
yerrrr...omg.. hahahaha
quickly take out my hp and snap a pic bfore d kids come out... hahhahahah.... ben dan oo..

bcome a lil soldier a while.. ngeee ^^

yerr luckily no one watching us while snap a photo.. Klik! hahaha...
i force my sis 2 do dis.kkekekeek.. well im a gud sister,rite? heheeh >,<
well love! don laugh, no smile, don cry~ heee
here i wan to share some quotes 2 u >,<
"I'm like a book, don't judge me by cover. Read me page by page, cause only then you will find out what I'm all about."

i love 2 read quotes n more fun if can share wit u ol my dear.. ^^
let me stop here,until we meet again.. dadaaa~
@_@v sayonara ~..


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