Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hello everybody..
OK! without further explanation, I'm gonna introduce the amazing product i discovered.
A whitening collagen cream MASK which is KISS Skincare.
It is a product of Thailand, SAFE to use.
I repeat, SAFE..
I'm so choosy, fussy, muzzy (ok, nope!) about skin care product.
So, i will only buy it after doing lots of review and research :)

p/s: Make sure you received a box complete with its seal.
**remember, the cream is in white color!

Lots of people talk about this mask and makes me wonder how great it is.
You need to use it at night before bed and wash it after you get up in the morning.

This mask is really amazing, i'm super duper like it at the very beginning.
Your skin will looks so bright and light at the morning, trust me..

The bright effect that you get is not like the bleaching effect.
and guys, no mercury in this product.

Question: Are you satisfied with the packaging?

I love the packaging as well and it comes with a vacuum pump bottle
which is more hygienic.

The cream application is quite thick but it absorb very quickly.
You can only know the result after you wake up and I suggest you to find mirror
because you will be amazed with the result.

Question: Will you buy this mask again?
For me, I will absolutely repurchase this KISS Skincare again.
Remember guys, use it for twice a week..
So basically i use it on Tuesday and Friday.
The price is worth for it :)

Question: Where did you purchased it?
I'm worried to purchase the mask because there are lots of fake products and they sell it quite cheaper than its normal price.

Even though they claimed it as Original but who knows is it?
So i did purchased it at

I did a review about this website in my previous entry.
Malaysian trusted web.

So far, i used for two weeks already and i fall in love with it..
Have a try and please let me know if you like it.
Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


In this modern era, everybody seems to be so obsessed with fairer or whiten skin
Especially in Asia, this trend is no joke!
While western people are busy to get a fake tan, Asian are trying to bleach their skin.
Even though there are many whitening products in the market but we have to be careful 
with the ingredients.

Before you're planning to buy those products, why don't you try these natural methods.
It is important to double check our products whether its contain mercury or not.
So, I'm gonna teach you few tips to get a brighter skin by using natural ingredients :)


Do you know that lemon juice contains citric acid which is a natural bleaching agent that 
help to lighten our skin.

1. Squeeze the juice (half of lemon) and add a little bit of water

2. Dip a cotton ball in the liquid and apply it to your face

3. Leave it for 15-20 minutes

4. Rinse it well and apply moisturizer

WARNING: If you have a sensitive acne or pimples, do not try this method

Make sure to wash your face very clean :)

[ How frequent? : 2 - 3 / week ]


Turmeric is well known in Indian cuisine.

However, do you know that turmeric inhibit melanin production which preventing skin
from becoming tanned.

1. Mix turmeric with olive oil & flour 

2. Apply the paste on your face and area that you wish to lighten it

3. Leave it for 15-20 minutes

WARNING: It may leave a yellow stain, so make sure to rinse and clean it well.

[ How frequent? : 1 - 2 / Week ]


Potatoes have mild bleaching properties due to its high Vitamin C content

1. Cut a raw potato into half

2. Rub the exposed flesh over skin that you wish to lighten

3. Leave it for 15-20 minutes

SUBSTITUTION: You may substitute potato with tomato or cucumber


1. Mix oatmeal and milk

2. Rub your hands with oatmeal

Keep your hands white and soft


Increase your Vitamin C intake.

Orange, lemon, tomato, green peas, etc are high vitamin c content to enhance skin colour

If you're taking Vitamin C in a tablet form, make sure not to overdose it

Overdose vitamin C will cause nausea, headache, and severe vomiting


Ladies, make sure to layer your face (especially) with sunscreen for double protection! :)

I hope you find this entry will benefit you.
Thank you so much guys for reading
we'll meet again for the next entry :)

Friday, June 20, 2014


Today's entry is about stress!
No one can escape from problems and stress, the way to differentiate it is how you handle it.
Basically, stress happen when there are too much demand or burden placed on you.
Hell yeah! an extreme amount of stress can bring to some health consequences.
I also can't escape from stress but here are some tips that I want to share on how I handle stress :)

1. Take a break 

What I mean with 'take a break' is get away from the stressor.
If you're getting stress with homework, assignments, projects etc. have a break from it.
Allow yourself to step away from it, maybe around 20 minutes.
Dont take it for DAYS!!! kekekeeke >,<

2. Get social support

CALL / MSG / EMAIL your friends! It is the best heal ever.

Find your close friends and someone who you can trust to tell all your problems and dilemma.
Cheers babe.


I would say that shopping is my top 3 favorite things that I would do the most >,<
Sometimes, we're (ladies) just want to look around "Window shopping"
Even though we're not buy anything but walk around for hours is enough for us! haha

However, sometimes i would prefer online shopping!
Here i want to share one of my favorite site for this moment to shop skin care products.

This site sell various kind of things especially for Korean products including skin care, shower, gifts, etc.
So Malaysian, have a look at this website.
Their based is in Malaysia, ok >,<

Let me know what you think of it.

4. Exercise


Remember ladies, exercise to have fun and healthy, not just to lose weight.
But yeah, I sometimes exercise to LOSE WEIGHT!!! kekeke
We have to throw away those perception, alright?

5. Do your best

6. SLEEP: Its important to have enough sleep.


Whatever you think that can release the tension, just go for it
There's nothing wrong with it.
Another tips from me to release stress is by watching make up tutorial from YouTube.
I love make up because I feels like i'm painting myself into a great art >,<
Do you wonder who is my favorite Beauty Guru in Youtube??
check this out!

" To watch their tutorial, just simply click their NAME that i mention"

1. Michelle Phan


The co-founder for EM Cosmetics, have a look at her make up line website below:

2. Pony Beauty Diary

Seriously girls, you have to watch her tutorial..
A korean talented make up artist >,<

4. Promise Phan

She is one of the most amazing girl.
She can transform herself to anybody.
Watch her epic transformation to Angelina Jollie, Jessica Alba, Disney princess, Johny Dep etc.

5. Raeview

She did an amazing view for make up which can guides you better before purchase it.
However, mostly she did a review for luxury make up brand but you also can have a look for it.

6. Beautifymeeh

A sweet wife and mother that teach you how to do an excellent makeup naturally
Shes a korean girl who lives in USA
Thumbs up her videos.

7. The makeup chair

Another talented girl for doing a great job on make up is Sineady Cady.
You can just simply write "themakeupchair" on youtube to watch her tutorial.

Well, I can list you for another amazing talented Beauty Gurus in youtube
But, i guess these lists are enough for the beginners :)
Let me know if you want to know further about the list.

Happy reading guys.
And find something to release your stress >,<

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello everybody!
Hopefully everything is under control and today I would like to share to the entire world
about the guides for perfume hunting specially for "HIM"
All these statements are my own opinion and my own experience :)

It might benefit to ladies out there for your boyfie and husby :)
Without further explanation, lets get into the ***Perfumes***

1. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme

Ladies and gentleman out there, believe me this perfume is no Joking!
The base is extremely masculine due to mineral amber and woody notes..
It gives you this marine notes and energy to man.
Girl, no cheating! Girls love those man that have a pleasant smells

2. Bvlgari Aqva Amara

This is another new released bvlgari aqva perfume that includes Sicilian
mandarin mixed with oil of neroli flower.
The scent filles with energy and boost up with its perfume shampoo/shower gel as well.
Give it a try and you'll understand what I'm trying to explain :)

3. Aqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani

8 out of 10 men out there said that this perfume meets their requirement!
Its the best perfume for summer and long lasting.
I personally love if my man have this kind of scent.
Seriously guys, bring your lady for dinner and they will fall in love with you.
And for ladies, try to give this giorgio armani perfume to your man!
They'll love it

4. Paco Rabanne Invictus

This new fragrances for men represents fresh and sporty creation with fresh grapefruit and a marine accord.
The bottle designed in a form of trophy
However, most of men said that they dislike the smell when they spray it for the first time.
But, later on they started to like it as the perfume works with their skin.
I definitely love the guy who smells great like this!

5. Acqua Essenziale Salvatore Ferragamo

Another great perfume for men that compose with mint & lemon leaf, rosemary, lavender and sea notes.
It got some sweetness but isn't bold enough to stand above other mellow aquatics.
A view from me as a female, I found it quite aquatic and doesn't irritate my nose by smelling it.
Bravo! Good job for the inventor.

6.  Trussardi Black Extreme

As announced by the Trussardi brand, this perfume attracts and wins over as a weapon of seduction.
The compositions opens with a luminous of Italian lemon and aromatic sea notes with a touch of dark plum.
I think it is worth to try! :)

Guys, IF you decide to buy and give a try for the listed perfumes AND you find that you dislike it...
Please forgive me :)
This is the reviews for my opinions and I personally love guys who use this fragrances!!!

Let me know if this entry help you, and give me a thumbs up!
Love'ya guys.. BYE :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hello munchies, how was your day?
I'm proud to announce that i'd passed my final presentation for my bachelor degree yesterday!
My assessor, Prof. Abdullah, came from UMP to asses me.
Or maybe i can call as a "visit" their student :)
Basically they want to know your progress and to make sure you're in a right track.

Glad to know that after 4 years, i almost come to the end.
"Hang on, Cynthia, just a little bit more"
Never imagine and never thought that i could enter university some day.
Because to tell the truth, during school,
I always left behind my friends, which makes me feel that, I am so stupid.
I wish i can be like them, no matter how hard I try, I will still left behind.

But yeah, no one knows the future is it.
So, I must be tough and have courage to step forward.

Back to the story, I am super proud of myself for being brave and independent.
Relief, ahhhh ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I want to acknowledge those people that always help me all these time..
"Thank you so much"


Friday, June 6, 2014


Stop talking, let the pictures talk ;)

Life is beautiful if we choose to be happy.
I choose to be happy, therefore, I don't need those who only know to "bullshit'ing"

Sunday, May 25, 2014


[Late Upload]

Today is Friday (23/5/14)
What i like about friday is: We have longer recess time. Oh yeah..
During lunch, my sister and I eat our lunch in the mall.
But thats not the point! Hehe.
Oh yeah well!! I go to Holika2 and i was attracted with the cute shop!
So! Make it short, these are the things that i buy from the visit. Heee

1. Lip tint

What can i say about this tint is super uh-mazing!! I love the concept which is separate matte tint and glossy tint / balm
So sorry i dont swatch the colour for you because since its still new i would like to keep it untouch first. Hehehe.

Rated: 5/5

2. Aqua BB Cream

As much as i love my face shop bb cream, i can say that i love the holika2 bb cream too! 
A lot of bloggers review about this bb cream and i love the texture, so "aqua"
It gives your skin the moisture that u need! It doesnt dry your skin
And yeah! Thumbs up for this bb cream

Rated: 5/5

3. Magicara

This is the serum or essence (i guess) that can make your eyelashes grow longer in a period of time.
I would love to try how effective this product on my short lashes!!
Hahaha, oh yeah i havent open the plastic yet so i cant show you how does it look.

Rated: 5/5

Basically i will just buy 3 products!! Dont buy more than that. Hmm yeah! Hahaha
So thats all my review about the Holika2 products. Let me know if you want to know the details about the products if you wish to buy it. :)
Thank you so much guys for reading. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello everybody..
I forgot to write a beauty haul of Innisfree products. opsiee..
Last Good Friday, i went to Singapore and my sisters and I had a little fun in Innisfree shop.
So, here are some products that i decide to share with the readers.
Since I bought it last month, therefore I guess its the right time to share my experienced with the products.

Without wasting your time, lets further for more details.

As you can see, we also got some free gifts from our purchase! yeppie :)

1. Mineral Melting BB Cushion

I am a big fan of BB cushion! Therefore, i would really love to try and search for the best bb cushion.
Innisfree have different types of bb cushion that you can choose
However, i purposely choose the MINERAL bb cushion.
It gives you the natural finish without looking cakey on your skin.
Another thumbs up about this product is, it contain SPF 50++ PA so you no need to use sunscreen!
It is very important ladies! You have to use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight and UV rays.
I normally will apply sunscreen right after moisturizing, and I never leave house without sunscreen!!

2. Mineral Glow Base

Ow yeah! remember about my post on how to get a dewy and glowing skin finish?
This product can help you to get that glow. Just in case you missed my previous post, here is the link

For me, i will skip moisturizer and apply this before your bb cream.
This is because it gives you a moisture effect and you will feels the product melting so light on your skin.
At this moment, watch your skin carefully! ITS GLOWING :)
That is why the name is GLOW BASE where you create a glowing base before painting your face with bb cream or maybe a light foundation. oh yeahh..

3. Green Tea Mineral Mist

Oh dear, I guess you know already that I love Mineral products :)
Ladies, listen here. This is the best mist ever! I just love how light and fresh the mineral mist when it touch your skin. omg...
Have you ever feel tired and your skins become dry? Try to spray it onto your face.
I just love the light green tea scent and it gives freshness!
Best mineral mist ever baby....

4. Colour Glow Lipstick

I heard so many bloggers talk about Innisfree colour glow lipstick.
So i was thinking at that time "Why dont you try?" haha
I am amazed by its texture! So creamy and gives your lips the exact moisture that you need.
It glides very well and almost the same like the fame brand YSL Lipstick.
Even though YSL still catch my attention but I love the Innisfree too!
Imagine you're talking to people and you grab their attention to your lips! :)
BTW this is the same colour like Cheon Song Yi's lips :)

5. Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack

Now, here it comes the nose pack or i can say as nose mask?
The colour is in a dark grey or charcoal. oh yeah you read the volcanic word.. hehee
Basically you just apply it on your nose area and leave it about 15-20 minutes.
And wash it right away. I believe it wash away the dirt :)

OKAY I'm writing this entry to share my thoughts about the products.
I am not asking you to buy and then later you'll say :
[ "Damn S&%*$*$* cynthia! Shes a liar, these products are ^$*@#% ]
Haha... well different people have different skin so you can't follow the exact product they're using.
I really take care about my skins and the products that Im using because I WAS suffered a really worst acne history back in a year of 2011. 
And Believe me when i say that. IT took me about 2 YEARS to try different products to heal the acne.
I was so stressed and felt insecure, no confidence to face people.

Therefore, I will make sure all the products that Im buying are worth for my skin.
I gotta find the previous photos of mine and share about my acne history! :(
But Im not sure if i have it since i dont really take lots of photos during that time.
Its kinda scary to remember those memories..

Anyway, thank you for scarify your time to read this entry :)
I really appreciate it and just wait for my upcoming entry huuhahaaa...
Bye guys ;*

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Sometimes i envy with my friends.
Their life is kinda fun and exciting, always hang out, partying, relaxing...
How about me?
Monday-Friday (8.00 am - 5.00 pm) intern'ing.. Weekend will go back to Hometown..
I somehow felt sorry towards my friends (new+old) because i seldom or maybe never arrange greet and meet.

Let me arrange my life scheduled and time first..
So sorry, ive my personal problems too. Please forgive me and for some reasons i like to stay with family.
Dont know but maybe i feel that i should just stay home and be together with them

Please dont judge me and hopefully we will have chances in the future.
Love you my friends (old+new)

Those who are reading, you may unfollow or unread these entry if you think this is annoying 😄

I will share the Innisfree goodies for the next entry, stay tune!
Take care and bubyee..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Holla Ladies.. I love to write something that valuable or helpful for others.
And i keep wondering for these few days what entry should I write next.
Therefore, I get an idea to write about this entry.
Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me about a tips for graduation gift.

So, im thinking to write down this entry for a tips to give a present special for ladies out there.
These tips are perfect for any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, friendship, graduation, etc.
Boys find a little bit of problem in order to find a perfect gifts for girls.
Hence, I hope this will help you :)

1. Perfume

Girls absolutely love everything about perfumes, or maybe cologne.
Depending what types of friend or girlfriend she is, you need to know
whether she like sweet smell, fresh, exotic, etc.
You could never go wrong with this gift :)

These are the perfume that i "borong" from my last summer trip and if you want to know about my top 10 must have perfumes,
You can check out this link below :)


2. A Makeup Set

Another tips for girls is the makeup sets. :)
I bought this basic makeup set for my sister last time, i bought the basic for beginner
For example: "The Benefit Kits"
You can purchase it from Sephora, and I do own this kit too
its perfect for a beginner

As you can see, the kit contains faker foundation, lip tint/blusher, mascara, eye primer, face primer, 
and highlight gel.
 Perfect for GIFT :)

3. Phone Casing

Oh yeah, I am pretty sure lots of girls keep changing their phone casing
like changing our shoes :)
Don't worry, you're not alone because we're the same. haha.
I love to collect different types of casing and if you're bored, you can just switch it :)
"Bling-Bling" casing must have for girls, for glamour touch
So, maybe you can give her a glamour look casing as a present.

Oh yeah, this kind of casing is a must have for girls :)
*If you're that kind of bling girl*

4. Clothes 

You can give her clothes because this is the basic gift you can give
However, some people have 'pantang' where they can't give shirt because it symbolize something.
a cute simple tops will do :)

5. Jewelry / Accessories

A girl will never leave the house without accessories even the simplest one will do 
Accessories can be earring, bracelets, anklets, watches, hair accessories, bags etc.
There are so many things that you can give her 

6. Bath Set

Me as a girl love if someone will give me a shower sets.
Such as shower gel, scrubber, body lotion,, etc.
You can find varieties of scent at your local stores and give her as a present

isn't it an amazing gift! I bet, she will use it at the moment she receive these.
Have a try! ;)

Basically, these are the top gifts that you can try to impress your mother, sisters, friends and the special one
However, you need to look for their interest,
If she love to draw, maybe you give a sets of drawing block and pensils
And if she love music, you may try to give her guitar etc.
Yes of course depends with your budget heee

However, if you have other suggestions and tips.
You may comment down below, I would love to read it.
Thank you so much for reading,
I'll talk to you guys soon :)


Sunday, March 30, 2014


Have you ever wonder how all the korean artists achieve their dewy skin?
Most of girls out there are dying to have their skin! So do I!
Therefore I discover and search using the highest technology that we have to reveal their secret!
It is not difficult as what we expect, you just need to do a few steps in order to success.

All you need to do is to have a good skin care routine before applying your make up.
In short, the BASE make up is important and the highlight of this entry.
The steps that I'll be sharing with you after this is what I do to get the desire skin.
You no need to use the exact products that I'm using, just stick to your products.
Okay without wasting any time, lets get into the tutorial ;)

Step no. 1

WASH your face. 
Here you can use your cleansing product to cleanse your face.
Make sure to wash it very clean.

Step no. 2

Cleansing our face in the step 1 is not enough to get rid the 'dirtyness' 
Therefore, toner is the next step to further remove any remaining dirt on our face.

Step no. 3

Okay this is an optional, you can just simply skip this step if you don't have it.

Step no. 4

Okay you definitely cannot escape this step!
This is the highlight part to achieve glowing skin.
Moisturizer gives our skin a moist looking effect and keep it hydrating the whole time
Here im using the water bank essence by Laniege, it gives moisture to your skin for 24hrs
AND I want to emphasize again, you no need to use the exact products that I use.

Here is the swatch of the product, it gives your skin moisture that you need!

Step no. 5

Now your base is done, you can either apply foundation or bb cream.
However, i love to apply BB cream instead of foundation
This is because BB cream is lighter compare with foundation.

My style is I mix my bb cream with the brightening gel to enhance the glow effect :)
Im using water base bb cream from the Face shop, it contain 70% moisture.
I mix it with my brightening gel cream from Victoria Secret.
I put a very minimal amount of bb cream because you already apply few layers on your face
So the bb cream just to balance your skin complexion :)

Last step

Spray your face to set all the products so it stays longer.
I use the hydra fresh spray from SUISSE Programme, to set the products and stay moisture :)

AND you are done with the Glowing Dewy Skin :)
Basically you have to find the products that contains water base
It is important to keep your skin moisture, the glowing of your skin suppose not to look OILY
It have to look MOISTURE

This is basically what I normally do
Different people have their own ways so this is what I suggest you.

*Sorry if the photo is not clear enough for you* :)

Hers is the closer look! hehehe
I love to keep it light, so I hate to apply thick concealer to hide my breakouts.
Just let it be. hehehe..
Sorry for the imperfection.
I just want to show you the glowing skin effect so ignore the breakouts

Hope you find this helpful.
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day


Saturday, March 29, 2014


For me weekend is heaven because I no need to go for working.
Therefore! Its the time for me and my family to go for shop hunting.
Heee ☺️ well well well. I am so surprise with the existance of KK people in 1Borneo yesterday night.
Flooded with human and only i notice the "Sale" word after 1hour. Haha

No wonder kan!?
Then i start with my skin care product hunting. 
I heard Laniege is getting a lot of attention so Im thinking to give a try with their best seller products which are whitening serum and water bank essence.

With the purchased of the 2 products that i mentioned, i get a set of free gift 😉

After that we went to Etude House because I need to find a skin care product for my lil sister.
We bought the products of Etude House AC clinic, it is for the acne treatment.
I know this from the Youtube blogger "oiseau88" channel. 
She gave a good review about this product so i think its not wrong for a try. 
This products will be use by my sister. Not me.

The "oh my god" cute bottle is for acne treatment at your back. Haha! So cute is it..

Since Etude House is selling for buy one free one and buy two free one. I bought their masks and hair mask treatment/serum.

So sorry if the photos uploaded are not clear because im writing this entry by using my iphone.
I'll let you know if those products listed above are working well with my skin in the next entry.
All the products can be purchased in your local stores near by ☺️

Thank you so much for reading, stay happy and healthy. May God bless you abundantly 😍
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