Sunday, May 25, 2014


[Late Upload]

Today is Friday (23/5/14)
What i like about friday is: We have longer recess time. Oh yeah..
During lunch, my sister and I eat our lunch in the mall.
But thats not the point! Hehe.
Oh yeah well!! I go to Holika2 and i was attracted with the cute shop!
So! Make it short, these are the things that i buy from the visit. Heee

1. Lip tint

What can i say about this tint is super uh-mazing!! I love the concept which is separate matte tint and glossy tint / balm
So sorry i dont swatch the colour for you because since its still new i would like to keep it untouch first. Hehehe.

Rated: 5/5

2. Aqua BB Cream

As much as i love my face shop bb cream, i can say that i love the holika2 bb cream too! 
A lot of bloggers review about this bb cream and i love the texture, so "aqua"
It gives your skin the moisture that u need! It doesnt dry your skin
And yeah! Thumbs up for this bb cream

Rated: 5/5

3. Magicara

This is the serum or essence (i guess) that can make your eyelashes grow longer in a period of time.
I would love to try how effective this product on my short lashes!!
Hahaha, oh yeah i havent open the plastic yet so i cant show you how does it look.

Rated: 5/5

Basically i will just buy 3 products!! Dont buy more than that. Hmm yeah! Hahaha
So thats all my review about the Holika2 products. Let me know if you want to know the details about the products if you wish to buy it. :)
Thank you so much guys for reading. 


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