Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello everybody..
I forgot to write a beauty haul of Innisfree products. opsiee..
Last Good Friday, i went to Singapore and my sisters and I had a little fun in Innisfree shop.
So, here are some products that i decide to share with the readers.
Since I bought it last month, therefore I guess its the right time to share my experienced with the products.

Without wasting your time, lets further for more details.

As you can see, we also got some free gifts from our purchase! yeppie :)

1. Mineral Melting BB Cushion

I am a big fan of BB cushion! Therefore, i would really love to try and search for the best bb cushion.
Innisfree have different types of bb cushion that you can choose
However, i purposely choose the MINERAL bb cushion.
It gives you the natural finish without looking cakey on your skin.
Another thumbs up about this product is, it contain SPF 50++ PA so you no need to use sunscreen!
It is very important ladies! You have to use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight and UV rays.
I normally will apply sunscreen right after moisturizing, and I never leave house without sunscreen!!

2. Mineral Glow Base

Ow yeah! remember about my post on how to get a dewy and glowing skin finish?
This product can help you to get that glow. Just in case you missed my previous post, here is the link

For me, i will skip moisturizer and apply this before your bb cream.
This is because it gives you a moisture effect and you will feels the product melting so light on your skin.
At this moment, watch your skin carefully! ITS GLOWING :)
That is why the name is GLOW BASE where you create a glowing base before painting your face with bb cream or maybe a light foundation. oh yeahh..

3. Green Tea Mineral Mist

Oh dear, I guess you know already that I love Mineral products :)
Ladies, listen here. This is the best mist ever! I just love how light and fresh the mineral mist when it touch your skin. omg...
Have you ever feel tired and your skins become dry? Try to spray it onto your face.
I just love the light green tea scent and it gives freshness!
Best mineral mist ever baby....

4. Colour Glow Lipstick

I heard so many bloggers talk about Innisfree colour glow lipstick.
So i was thinking at that time "Why dont you try?" haha
I am amazed by its texture! So creamy and gives your lips the exact moisture that you need.
It glides very well and almost the same like the fame brand YSL Lipstick.
Even though YSL still catch my attention but I love the Innisfree too!
Imagine you're talking to people and you grab their attention to your lips! :)
BTW this is the same colour like Cheon Song Yi's lips :)

5. Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack

Now, here it comes the nose pack or i can say as nose mask?
The colour is in a dark grey or charcoal. oh yeah you read the volcanic word.. hehee
Basically you just apply it on your nose area and leave it about 15-20 minutes.
And wash it right away. I believe it wash away the dirt :)

OKAY I'm writing this entry to share my thoughts about the products.
I am not asking you to buy and then later you'll say :
[ "Damn S&%*$*$* cynthia! Shes a liar, these products are ^$*@#% ]
Haha... well different people have different skin so you can't follow the exact product they're using.
I really take care about my skins and the products that Im using because I WAS suffered a really worst acne history back in a year of 2011. 
And Believe me when i say that. IT took me about 2 YEARS to try different products to heal the acne.
I was so stressed and felt insecure, no confidence to face people.

Therefore, I will make sure all the products that Im buying are worth for my skin.
I gotta find the previous photos of mine and share about my acne history! :(
But Im not sure if i have it since i dont really take lots of photos during that time.
Its kinda scary to remember those memories..

Anyway, thank you for scarify your time to read this entry :)
I really appreciate it and just wait for my upcoming entry huuhahaaa...
Bye guys ;*


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