Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Sometimes i envy with my friends.
Their life is kinda fun and exciting, always hang out, partying, relaxing...
How about me?
Monday-Friday (8.00 am - 5.00 pm) intern'ing.. Weekend will go back to Hometown..
I somehow felt sorry towards my friends (new+old) because i seldom or maybe never arrange greet and meet.

Let me arrange my life scheduled and time first..
So sorry, ive my personal problems too. Please forgive me and for some reasons i like to stay with family.
Dont know but maybe i feel that i should just stay home and be together with them

Please dont judge me and hopefully we will have chances in the future.
Love you my friends (old+new)

Those who are reading, you may unfollow or unread these entry if you think this is annoying 😄

I will share the Innisfree goodies for the next entry, stay tune!
Take care and bubyee..


  1. Glad to know you're still living and kicking! haha. Didn't expect an English song here. Improvement. all the best!

    1. Lolz! What do u mean by didnt expect an english song here? Its christina grimmie! Kekeeke.. Weyy of coz stiill living healthy. I mean super healthy..

    2. wasn't you a korean freak?! haha, so yeah I'm surprised. keep up the positive attitude!

    3. I am a korean freak that has been grown up so well! Haha.. Omg! Talking to make me feel so old!!!


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