Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hello munchies, how was your day?
I'm proud to announce that i'd passed my final presentation for my bachelor degree yesterday!
My assessor, Prof. Abdullah, came from UMP to asses me.
Or maybe i can call as a "visit" their student :)
Basically they want to know your progress and to make sure you're in a right track.

Glad to know that after 4 years, i almost come to the end.
"Hang on, Cynthia, just a little bit more"
Never imagine and never thought that i could enter university some day.
Because to tell the truth, during school,
I always left behind my friends, which makes me feel that, I am so stupid.
I wish i can be like them, no matter how hard I try, I will still left behind.

But yeah, no one knows the future is it.
So, I must be tough and have courage to step forward.

Back to the story, I am super proud of myself for being brave and independent.
Relief, ahhhh ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I want to acknowledge those people that always help me all these time..
"Thank you so much"



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