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Good day everyone! I'm a little bit happy for today.
What will you do to be happy?
Some people prefer shopping, off for vacation with family and friends etc.
However for me, I need a fragance that smells heavenly to be happy. 
haha! Therefore this entry aims to review my personal thoughts about perfumes.

I am perfume-holic (Do this word exist?)
Hard core perfumista fan! haha
Hopefully this entry will help for those who are deciding to buy perfume later on ;)

Since im doing this entry in the office, so I can't show you my perfume collection.
Don't worry, copy & paste URL from Mr. Google is another option heeee..
I do own the products listed below so i'll give review based on my experienced.. haha! bleuk

1. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This perfume is unique! FYI this is personally my number one perfume.
Some people call it as "heaven contained in a bottle"
I know "Chanel N5" is popular but i dislike the smells.
For young hearts out there, this might be your taste ;) believe me
Its oriental fresh, floral jasmine-rose, a very light smell and this might be a good gift for ladies.
I admit its a bit pricey but it lasts more than most fragrances!

2. Signoria by Salvatore Ferragamo

I find difficulty in a way to describe this perfume.
in short: [sweet : fresh : fruity : milky : rose]
This perfume composed of elegant jasmine, pink peony, and rose.
The bottle packaging is gracefully decorated in pink gold that give a light and iconic style.
Hereby, I want to declare that I'm not much into sweet scents because it sometimes give me headache.
However, this Signoria is not so overly! surprisingly...

3.  Donna by Trussardi 2011

Pure white, this is what i describe by looking at the packaging.
It offers floral composition include orange blossom, lemon, watery fruits, and vanilla.
On the 1st spray, it is really floral but then the fruitiness settles down on the skin and ends up softly due to vanilla scents which make it so classic.
This is absolutely the best choice for spring and summer.
A good news for everyone its affordable and seems to be long-lasting too! ;)

4. Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY

This is not a common perfume for all, i believe...
Words that can be described are [rose ; fruity; citrus ; floral ; green]
It is composed of luminous accords of grapefruit mixed with rose and jasmine petals.
It gives you freshness, joyful, energy and at the same time be flirty ;)
Whenever I feel want to smells like light fruity-rose, i'll spray it the whole body hehehe...

5. The One Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

[Caramel ; tuberose ; white floral ; vanilla ; fruity]
The One Desire composed with the blend of bergamot, mandarin, lychee and lily.
It emphasize the glamour and glory of a woman thus be Seductive!
This is perfect scent that comes in a black bottle with gold-coloured details.
Don't you feel this perfume keep seducing you to try? YES! You must!
hahaha! ;)

6. Yellow Diamond by Versace

 I only left 5ml for this purfume! haha I love this not only because it smells nice
I got it for my birthday present from my friends ;)
Thanks! They know me well, i can just melt right about the moment i receive it.
The main accords are [Citrus ; floral ; yellow floral; fresh]
Believe me you will think that almost all the perfumes that I review contain most of the components
but they have different scents for each bottle!
Its composition opens with luminous freshness of lemon, bergamot, neroli and pear sorbet!
You will feel like being surrounding with the floral garden (I hope it makes sense!) ;)

7.  Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Goodness! The main accords for the eternity aqua are [Ozonic ; aquatic ; floral ; woody]
This perfume symbolize as a casual elegance, charm and a touch of mystery.
It is very fresh aquatic, enrich with woody accords and little bit hint of light flowers.
Based on my experience, you may have to reapply it after a few hours because the scent is very light.
Thus, if you want to keep fresh for the whole day, you have to reapply it!
;) nonetheless, I would still love this CK version!! muahhh

8. Burberry Body

Will you agree with me if I say that 'your perfume collection is incomplete without Body Burberry'?
Yes indeed!you will feel sexy and seductive as the model Rosie Huntington Whiteley! grrrr
The main accords are [Woody ; musky ; powdery ; rose ; floral]
I do feel weird because the scent smells powdery but floral composition covers it nicely.

9. Guilty Black Pour Femme by Gucci

The main acccords are [Fruity ; sweet ; powdery ; patchouli ; floral]
I love the bottle that comes with black and red finishing, seems like glowing in the darkness.
Gucci guilty is a delicious and sexy fragrances that reflecting a charming woman.
The juicy smells of red berries, peach and raspberry brings luminous sensuality to the scent.

10. Flower Princess by Vera Wang

For those who adore 'princess' character, this might suitable for you ;)
The scents composition are white floral, citrus, sweet, fresh, and aquatic.
haha to be honest I bought this because I fall in love with the bottle..
Look at the Crown ;) you will feel like a princess
All girls are suppose to be born as Princess..

Chop chop chop! I think I should stop writing on review for the tenth perfumes
Because I might afraid you'll get bored with this entry. haha
I do have another perfumes to show but I guess, i'll just make it short.
It much more convenient if I just make a haul video about the perfume review ;)
Because not all people like to read, Like ME! haha

So ladies, I do hope you'll find this blog entry can help you a lil'bit for guiding you to choose the right perfume for you. I want to emphasize that perfume react differently based on your skin.
So you may need to find a good chemistry with your perfumes!

I do not bought all these perfumes in a big amount.
I bought it one by one and collect it over the long time period.
However, I do have perfumes that I regret for purchasing it..
heh! its okay, at least i can recommend you the GOOD fragrances!

Ok ladies, i gotta go. please like this if you think this will help you.
Do comment below for any inquiries!
Stay happy and healthy, may God bless you abundantly!

Muaahhhhh xoxo


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