Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Working Day ~

Good day everyone! Hope you're doing well.
I just want to share about my daily routine.
I'm having my internship program for 6 months, 5 months and  a half to be exact.
I want to perform better and make friends..
So they will at least remember me or missing me perhaps? when I'm gone ;)

Oh well, i wonder how is my buddies? I hope they're doing well.
Wherever you are, remember, someone love you ^^

Starting from 8.00am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri) I'm working in JPP UMS
(Come and find me!) 

Taken with Iphone 5
Venue: Tanjung Lipat, KK

Beautiful sunset that always waiting for me ^^
Though its hurt me to be stranded in traffic jam, but at least the scenery is worth for waiting.
Is there anyone of you love  with traffic jam?!

Tips to avoid from getting bored during traffic road peak time : 

1) Turn on your radio!

2) Adjust the volume (increase a BIT)

3) Sing along

p/s: Dont get too excited, and stay focus on the road to avoid accident ;)

 I notice that when people are stranded in the traffic jam,
they tend to take "Selfie" ;)
hahah! And guess what, ME TOO ^^

I feel so guilty to write down entries of this blog during my working time ;(
hek hek! Sorry BOSS. i'll do it when only I dont have work to do.

opssie.. sorry.

Bye guys, stay healthy and happily.
May God bless you abundantly!.


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