Sunday, September 4, 2011


'i don wan go bac'
SEPTEMBER 11 plz b slow down...

yeaa ladies n gentleman im off to Gambang on sept11..
any inquiries plz ask me a.s.a.p

i might leaving soon... very soon..... ergg
i'll b back on JANUARY 2012 >,<

4MONTHS holiday is almost over!
Cinderella must return to her place >,<

tik tok tik tok...~ times running...
hey u! yes! i mean u! 
"do u miss me?
heeee miss-ya

ok! dats ol..
bye peeps.... kinda lazy...

"lots of love : Queen Cynthia" >,<

"d nex sunday i'll find my body at sumwhre else on dis earth"


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