Friday, September 23, 2011


This is my 2nd week at ump,and im totally exhausted..
settle down my "drop n add" subject...
ahhahha im happy that i had drop 1sbject bcoz.... ermmm.. huu... ^^
ok then, im busy with my faculty orgn. and with d dances"..
p/s: plz la krus after dis.. haizz..

im gonna stop dis things for a while and focus on my lectures..
gonna work harder at dis sem.!
"jia yo"!

Luckily i hav friends dat always 'bright' my day here in ump..~
thx guys.. "wo ai ni" "love u'ol" >,< (sincere laaa ni) hehe
'love me or not? aiyerrr....~~

thx to mum bcoz she always remind me to eat my supplement vits. ^^

ok,bye then..
gonna settle down my assgnmnts >,<
take care n__n


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