Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Life Just Begin..~

ok! i hav a killer schdule (not too killer) haha i guess
im gonna take dis sem seriously! (oh yeah? >,<)
coz,im taking 19crdt hrs~
wait! u dun simply think dat im a smart student just bcoz d crdt hrs state like dat ^^
mon-thu: class start 8am! (i hate wake up early)
and most of d class end up until 4pm n 6pm.~
ok i still cn handle it.
but! i hav A class on Friday!~ 4pm-6pm..


huk huk huk.~
after dis im gonna cut my activities n cncntrate more 2 study..
cehh!!! hahaahah!!

Im gonna be strong~like d gorilaa.. hee
if u'r in a same condition like me, no nid to worry..~
still got our friend rite..
still rmbber my dad's quote : Do d Best,Be d Best,Get d Best~

Let us suffer for 4months only!
hopefully dis sem gonna b awsome! haha
Awsome for me,n same goes to u~

gonna stop here,later i got meeting at 8pm..
yea,my uni lifestyle! bz wif d meeting/assgnment/ n so on..

take care to u'olz 6_6 :
family,friends,n to u too ahjushi... hahaah



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