Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Nothing much to say..~
Im just happy to know that i've lost 2kg now..
ahhaha... the 1st week i came here,my total weight 52kg!
ok! this is d heaviest weight i ever had in my life...
means that i gained 3-4kg during holiday...
haiizz (so shame)
its more than enough to tell u that i've change in shape now..

i wonder why some of my friends r so skinny after cme back from holiday.
yesterday,i go 'timbang' n shocked a while...
d numbers appear: 50.17kg!
hahahaha... ok still heavy but i'll work harder,..

hurmm.. i think its bcoz i'm quit busy with my meeting schdule n dance practice.
and errrr.. for ur infomation, im d fattest one in my room..
all my rumates are skinny/slim..~
owh!! not to forget "currently, im d fattest one among my siblings"!!
thats why i always think bout this matter...
it can affect my 'academic performance" yaw....~ (yikes! ahhahahaha worst reason ever)

But still~ i will not skip my meals..!
i've learnt last 2sem,i always skip my meals n now im having a skin effect!
d bad skin ever~..... haixx...
let time heals everything. ^^

Ok! dats i have~..
p/s: now we'r having expoconvo carnival,here in UMP..
everyone can come here
why dont u drop by n give me a call, i'll treat u... ahahaha (not for UMPians)

p/s: good luck to my bestie Kiran for having account test tomorrow~ ^_^

Love u all x.o.x.o


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