Thursday, September 29, 2011


yep! this is d 3rd week im here (UMP) and im counting for holidays liao..
i heard there will be 4days holiday for "Deepavali" ^^
so i set for 10days holiday n go back hometown..~
however.... yesterday i went to BPA office n ask about d academic calendar
And this is d responds that they gave:

Me: "cuti deepavali suda confirm ka tu?"

She: "cuti deepavali xcnfirm lg,nnt ktorang kluarkn announcement..
sbab skrg ktorang bz dgn expoconvo,so U xyah pkir psal cuti dlu..
skrg ni U blaja je dlu"

Me: "OOOoowwww =_= ok "

omg..! hahahaha...
am i too excited for holiday or wat?

hurmm i  have 1 more problem..
d TOTAL of d tcket price almost 400...
omg! (teda mura lg ka ar) haixx

10days ooo~ enough 4 me to spend time with family.. errr
i miss home so badly ;(

 i miss my mom =,=

my beautiful mom works harder..

i miss to play "hug-hug" with my sis.. ngeeee ^^

Good luck for ur PMR dis coming MONDAY!!!

and of coz i miss my "Home Sweet Home"
if u go to my house,u'll find dis 'things' hanging on d wall so proudly ^^

hey! you, you, and you! ur face inside here ^__^
(banggala! sy gntung gmbar ko druma sy... byk yg tguk tu)

hurmm.. i guess i couldn't make it dis time rite...

nevermind laaa~~~

stay here!!

o,o ya.
ok then, take care ladies n gentlemen! >,<


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