Friday, November 11, 2011


these few days I hardly have mood to study..~
so I grab a pencil and create something on a piece of paper..
I admit I lack of many things but this is d only thing I can proud of myself. ^^
I Love my "hand"~
thx God for giving me such talent..~
psssttt wan to tell-ya, I got this talent from my DAD ^^
he can draw well too ;)

wanna show u something! ^^

i love my cookie monster pencil case heeeee ^^

u wanna look at my other collection??? ^^

U know this?? ^^

I love this ^^

for a better drawing, u can use pencil 8B >,<

there's a Technic how to draw faces... I learn it from books ^^

yeaaa... u'ol provide me with that ^^

my princess "cacat"

"dapur kampung" hahaha..

im lovin it... ! ^^

"Im sexy and I know it" heeeeeeeee ^^

ok2 enough with that laa.... actually i got d whole book to let u look at..
not to say im "show off" but just wan to share with my lovely readers..
anyone feel annoyed?? heee no no no... dont!..
im gonna make lots of collection..
and let my future generation look and keep it.
hahaha.. dats wat i hope for..

okie dokie...
gonna study!
errr... study?? hahaha ya yaa..
I still got 3 tests!!! 

take care babes..
Good Nite!! ^__^


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