Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello my following lovely readers.~
hows ur day? great?? suffer?? bored??
some of my frens r vry happy coz they go bck hometown..
some of them r starving, craving for food...
some of  them r having dilemma in their life..
hahahhaha u know well la~

me? yerrr2.. dis sem break holiday, I just staying here..
cant go back "Sabah" n d most worst is...
I cant attend my sis's convo! 
its all b'coz of $$$..~ expnsive GOLD TICKET..

so just wanna share, Im having some fun for these few days.. ^^
where am I? somewhere on EARTH~

Eat with them~..

have fun~


if i can buy those!!! damn cute!~

we eat steamboat+BBQ buffet..~ ^^

ok2 enough with that..~
im kinda lazy to upload more due to "poor connection" now..
dear readers, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!
enjoy our short holiday coz after this, there'll be no Holiday until final exam..
hahaha!! bye2 peeps..~ ^__^


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