Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After come back ump from cameron, I start to feel 'depressed" with d work!
erghh staying here really made me sick!
so went out with my girlfriends last night~
we end up with dinner! eat ice cream! sing K! n drink tettt..~! its y.fang treat! ahahah..

we ate dinner at Korean rstaurant that we spent few mnutes to search for ~
luckily we found it! hahaah ^^

this is what im talkin bout~

it looks tastier to me~ hahaah

it would be great if d "soju" exist.~ feels like in a movie! ahhahaah

this is what they call 'kimchi soup"... sorry 2 my frens coz im too excited at that time.. ahhaha!!

a friend of mine that trying her best not to shown her happiness.. ahahha

After eat such food, we feel like something was missing! yes! we should eat more rite??
hee so we went beside JJ kimbab ----> TW Ice !
eat ice cream! its nice ^__^

this is wat i ask for~ durian ice cream! heeeeeee ^__^

blueberry's flavour! pei zam's.....

she choose mango's!~ ^__^

after eat we go sing K!

today is Thursday ady, and i haven't do any revision yet!~
wtheck!~ I need someone to motivate me plz..hhaha..
assignments haven't touch yet!
take it easy!

Thx God coz give me such days!~
wanna show them how much i love & appreciate them ^__^
take care ols~


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