Thursday, October 13, 2011


gettin lazy and lazier now.~
err... if my mom know im act like dis...
for sure she will scold me.. heee..
*mommy, i will behave myself.~
*ur daughter need to find a right time to move on~

i dont have dat study mode now~....
err!! quizzes + tests waiting for me~
and im officially not goin back for this deepa holiday..

how i wish i can escape from this place for a while~
blerkk blerkk.... im gonna find other alternative to escape....
just wait n see...~

*nothin to say, so im off now~
pissed off...! 

need someone to motivate me now...
im gettin lazier....!! i mean it...!!

 thx to skype for connecting us~ >,<
LOVE u..~


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