Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1)   Last Saturday i got joined cny performance in ump....
for those who came to the hall, plz pretend that u duno me..
yeaa! Im d person that dancing in front of u'ols!

The 2 little cute girl, 11years only... >,<

2) and for the next day (Sunday) i joined FKASA dinner performance..
its a masquerade dinner party at Vistana Hotel Kuantan..~
even though i was play a little role only..~

the dancers team with our elegant choreographer! 

we got 'awan nano' in da house.. ahhaha

this is before the show begins! rehearsal time.~

with the elegant miss qila >,<

'ain cumil"... thx fkasa for provide us food without pay $$ at all.. ^^
free eat..~

SO that is how i ended my weekend..~


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