Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last Friday, my friend and I went to CHERATING
its somewhere in Pahang~ >,<
well, because of limited of time and budget as well, so we went for 2D1N only heeee

the coolest activity that i love is : Fireflies Trip at night!!
dear friend, u must go to Cherating ^^
for me its a beautiful place ..

so, enjoy the pics! >,<

had a short briefing before went to FIREFLIES trip by boat..
i cant capture it becoz we'r not allowed to use any flash will disturb d fireflies
but believe me! it was really2 amazing >,<

i let u see how it looks like....

"Dont tell MAMA cafe"

this burger cost RM20.00 ! maybe it looks small in this pic but actually d size is bigger than normal >,<

the next morning, we went for River Cruise trip...
heeeee look at my face! *bengkak* yeeerrr hahahahaa early morning face

i scare to see a river like this.... why?
err sure got crocodile....... >,<

our uncle driver... *uncle, u'r popular now* heee >,<

OK! morning face such a lol face... hahaha.... meet my fren, WAWA! >,<

so guys! why dont u go to Cherating and have this kind of experience rather than just look at this pictures
>,< plan your trip now ^^

GOOD NIGHT ladies n gentlemen .....


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