Monday, February 6, 2012


Last 1st Feb,12,  my friends from srwak n kl came here...~
me as d tourist guide have to guide d tourist.~
seriously,I will nver guide tourist again..
why? Im not suitable for that.. ahhahaha
btw, so happy they came here..
I appreciate it.... 
so sorry if u'r not satisfied or feel uncomfortable during this trip..

dear my friends (especially from LD) I hope to meet u'all soon!

I act like never been 1B..! hahaahah gosh!

my butterfly!~ ^^

me with d ladies..... seriously im not chinese... haha

They reach Kundasang..heeee ;) together like a family,.~

Seriously, cloud! why must u cover d mount Kinabalu view..~!

Im fallin in love with mount Kinabalu long3 time ago....

its hot babe.... i mean weather.. haha

yeaa yea.. Fat is cute... Fat is gorgeous.... haha

Poring time....~

hotel time,... @tune hotel, 1B...

Manukan Island....~

ok DARKER.....

@perdana Park..

last dinner @Upperstar...

what a wonderful moment with them..
hope to meet my other friends....
we still have a chance to meet again...
lots of love..
-Cynthia. G-


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